Building a Brand

Garnock Connections is an exciting new initiative working to enhance, improve access to, and promote natural and cultural heritage around the River Garnock.

We were tasked with designing a distinctive and inspiring logo along with an associated colour scheme to be used throughout Garnock Connection's full range of promotional material. The logo needed to showcase everything Garnock Connection stands for. From numerous different concepts and styles came a unique monogram with a natural colour scheme and a rounded font to fit. The mark is comprised of the letter 'G' representing the river Garnock; flowing and connecting into the 'C' creating a leaf motif.

Client: Garnock Connections

Year: 2016

Location: North Ayrshire

Deliverables: Logo Design, Brand toolkit

  • Garnock Connections Print
  • Garnock Connections Main Logo
  • Garnock Connections Logo Variations
  • Garnock Connections Brand Website


Colour Scheme

Skye Candles colour chart



Skye Candles font selection - Trajan Pro Regular



Logo Workup
Logo Mark
Final Logo