The Task

Welcome to the best of the Balearic and Spanish gourmet experience. The Somnis brand was born after exploring the Spanish islands to discover the best gastronomic experience.

Somnis approached Mucky Puddle looking for a brand refresh that would help to portray the story and values of their brand. The brand needed to showcase an artisan & authentic look and feel, merging the world of at home gastronomic luxury with genuine passion and artisanal products.


Somnis Gastro Boutique


Brand Identity

Packaging Design

Web Development


Somnis was born out of a special connection made in Mallorca between two foodies, so it’s only natural that we would incorporate the beautiful Mallorcan scenery as part of the brand and logo. 

We decided on a typographical script logo that evokes the feeling of the Mallorcan sea with subtle touches like the resemblance of waves in the typeface and the handwritten gentle font used for the text. Using a handwritten typeface also highlights the authenticity of the brand as well as the family-owned attributes of the business.


Your branding is how you portray offering to the public. Whether thats on your website, on social media, across your packaging or every little touch like branded stickers and tissue paper. These are all components that help to bring together an unforgettable customer experience, with your logo at the forefront.

We wanted to extend the Somnis brand across all touchpoints of the business. When it came to print, this was a very important step in the Somnis customer journey, as for most it would be the first physical interaction with the brand’s offering.


It was important for us to maintain the key aspects of the brand across all print materials for Somnis, ensuring continued quality, minimalism, and an artisanal look & feel. Opening a Somnis package immediately creates a unique and authentic experience in your own home. Quality products deserve a quality presentation, and that’s exactly what we delivered.

To emphasise the artisanal feel of the brand, we decided to use recycled card boxes as the base of the packaging furnished with stickers and printed paper. A suitable colour palette was picked to compliment the packaging. The result? A fully realised concept of Somnis Gastro Boutique digitally and in the flesh. From the click of a button on the website, to carefully unwrapping your new, authentically Spanish goods - the brand is there every step of the way.

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