The Task

Trtl focus on making your journey easier and more comfortable. The question: How could they make the users’ online journeys to buy their products just as easy? Mucky Puddle was commissioned to make sure the online user journey was efficient and stress-free, in line with Trtl’s brand positioning. 

This was not a straightforward Shopify web design and development project. With global brand recognition but highly focussed individual national presences, multiple geographical sites were required.

Each would maintain Trtl’s overall brand uniformity with the flexibility of adaptation to local markets, as separate entities under one umbrella. Ultimately, Trtl’s family of Shopify sites would benefit from increased traffic due to greater brand and product awareness and increased conversion rates due to effortless user journeys.



Built on


Web Development

UX / UI Design

Data Analysis

Responsive Web Development

How can you improve conversion rate on an online store? Our experience of similar global e-commerce Shopify builds helped us to quickly create a plan of Trtl’s requirements and a website architecture that focussed on conversion.

The content flow of the website had to highlight the product benefits in a way that would resonate with each user. Some users would react more to visual information, some to instructional text, some to iconography. The creative design and web development teams worked in harmony to create pages that would blend the relevant features and information for optimal engagement. The client provided clear imagery of products in use, to feature prominently on product pages to create a strong resonance with users.

For more analytical consumers, tables were designed to show the strong product features against other market alternatives. In line with Trtl’s unique brand personality, these did refer to standard travel pillows looking like toilet seats!

Social Engagement

Trtl clearly understood that the technical specifications and product use benefits were some of the key unique selling points. Word of mouth from unbiased customers -  through reviews and recommendations - is a strong tool to increase both traffic and conversions.

Any company will tell you their features or benefits, but how can you use your customer reviews to increase conversion? Displaying product-specific social media feedback on product pages provides users with the social proof they need to feel confident in making a purchase, at just the right point in the customer journey.


We’ve all endured uncomfortable travels, whether on trains, planes, or automobiles. Trtl’s product range, borne from the demands of an increasingly discerning and vocal client base, and fine-tuned with ingenuity and passion, deserves a stunning platform.

Helping to create this platform was an exciting challenge. The beautiful, clean, product-focused content has helped grow sales and increase conversion rate, and we look forward to this continuing to grow.

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