The Task

Mugdock Country Park approached us for a brand refresh and a digital revamp. Our task was to create something recognisable, appealing to a diverse demographic, including families, event attendees, hikers, and even filmmakers to mention a few. Inspired by the area's abundant natural and cultural heritage, our team was eager to craft innovative solutions for the project's challenges.

Consistent branding across diverse marketing channels is vital for effectively promoting any organisation. Moreover, the park demonstrates a thorough application of its brand across apparel, posters, signage, and various other mediums. These elements collectively contribute to the park's overall brand presentation.


Mugdock Country Park


Brand Identity


Web Development

The Logo

One of the primary challenges in the logo design project for Mugdock Park was to encapsulate the breathtaking natural landscape; its rolling hills, serene lochs, lush forests, along with the significant landmark structures and rich historical roots.

Our final logo mark features Mugdock Castle as the centerpiece, capturing its rich historical significance. It serves as the focal point of Mugdock Park's new identity, symbolising its historical roots and allure.

Brand Elements

To make everything easy to read, we carefully refined and cleaned up the font styles associated with the brand. This helped ensure that the text remained clear and legible across different sizes and platforms, fitting in perfectly with the park's fresh look.

We introduced a friendly and inviting color palette, carefully selecting tones that blended well together. These colors were chosen to create a warm and welcoming feel, making sure they looked great whether used in big blocks or small details.

We included simple line illustrations as a recurring theme throughout Mugdock Park's branding. These illustrations capture the essence of the park, adding a touch of elegance and simplicity to everything associated with the brand.

Mucky Puddle did a fantastic job developing a fresh new website for Mugdock Country Park. The team got to understand how Mugdock operated before presenting us with their ideas, taking into account our thoughts as well.  Overall we were delighted with the end result and user feedback has been very positive.  Staff training and ongoing support has been invaluable.

- Pamela Grieve, Mugdock Country Park

Compelling Branding

Overall, our aim was to capture Mugdock Park's essence in a way that felt welcoming and relatable. The new brand identity creates a compelling narrative that resonates with everyone who visits or engages with the park.

If your organisation's branding could use a complete overhaul or just a sprucing up, shoot us a message! Let's chat about the possibilities and find what works best for you.

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