The Task

Scotwalks stands out as a cherished family-run venture, originally hailing from Iceland. The company's journey began in 2008, founded with a passion for delivering captivating hiking tours across Scotland, exclusively for Icelanders. Over the years, Scotwalks has grown into a small-scale operation, now offering a variety of walking tours across Europe and bus excursions throughout the British Isles.

Diversifying its offerings, the company caters to different demographics, providing tailor-made tours for women and specialised group experiences. At the core of Scotwalks's philosophy is a commitment to delivering positive and personalised service.

With a vision to simplify tour bookings and maintain meaningful connections with its clientele, Scotwalks enlisted the expertise of Mucky Puddle. The objective was clear: create an intuitive website that not only streamlined the booking process but also encapsulated the warmth and camaraderie synonymous with Scotwalks's guided tours.



Built on

Shopify logo in black.


Web Development

UX / UI Design

The Design

Drawing inspiration from Scotwalks's welcoming spirit, the design team carefully curated an aesthetic that exuded warmth and approachability.

Neutral tones were selected to evoke a sense of comfort, while the Recoleta typeface added a touch of nostalgic charm with a modern twist. Rounded-off corners softened the visual elements, creating a harmonious blend of familiarity and contemporary appeal. Each design choice ensures that visitors to the website feel instantly at home, mirroring the inclusive atmosphere of a Scotwalks excursion.

The Booking Experience

The development phase was centred around creating a seamless and intuitive user experience, particularly focused on the tour booking process. The website was designed to be accessible and easy to navigate, catering to Scotwalks's diverse audience.

Special attention was given to the tour page, where visitors could explore detailed itineraries and personalised tour information. This personalised touch not only enhanced the anticipation of the upcoming adventure but also strengthened the connection between Scotwalks and its customers.

We were thoroughly impressed by Mucky Puddle's capability in creating an appealing website while simplifying booking management and customer communication, all in one seamless process.

- Snorri Guðmundsson, Scotwalks


With Mucky Puddle's expertise, Scotwalks now boasts a user-friendly website that seamlessly integrates with its commitment to personalised service. The streamlined booking process and inviting design reflect Scotwalks's dedication to providing exceptional experiences for its guests.

As Scotwalks continues to grow and evolve, its online platform serves as a gateway to unforgettable adventures and lasting friendships. With each click, visitors are invited to embark on a journey of discovery, where strangers become friends and memories are made to last a lifetime.

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