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Glasgow National Park City is a non-profit organisation attempting to secure Glasgow's place as a National Park City, a concept first established by London in 2019. The goal is to promote connections between people, places, and nature that are often lost in urban environments.

As a Glasgow-based agency with a proven track record in Brand for non-profits, the Mucky Puddle team were a perfect fit for this design project. Being proud members of Glasgow's vibrant community, we couldn't wait to get started

Considering the unique nature of GNPC, it was essential to establish what the brand stood for and what the group wanted to achieve. Our design team kicked things off with a workshop to explore the fundamental goals and objectives. 


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An Eye-Catching Design

It was made clear by the group the need to appeal to a wide audience, given the project's scope. On the one hand, they had to appeal to new audiences to garner vital support. On the other hand, they needed to make sure the community who form a foundation of grass-root projects like this were not alienated.

Our solution was an abstract and eye-catching design, composed of simple shapes with a bright colour scheme. Building on past experience, we knew that this combination would let the brand stand out from the crowd and establish an identity without pigeonholing the movement to one limited demographic.

Logo Design

As we had established with the GNPC group, a vital feature of this brand design project would be its flexible application: This helped map out the direction and ultimately, we settled with a simple yet identifiable logo without the inherent limitations of having too many moving parts. 

The logo we developed is composed of several abstract shapes making up the acronym GNPC. We also tied in the NPC asterix, allowing us to signify the organisation's connection to the broader movement while still fostering its own individual identity for its unique target audience. In the spirit of flexibility, we also created a secondary 'G' mark. This provided another useful branding tool for situations that might not best showcase the full GNPC logo.

Finally, we prepared a toolkit containing easy to use file assets along with a brand application guide, to help GNPC and their partners ensure consistent and aligned branding is applied at all times. 

Mucky Puddle were an enormous help in developing the Glasgow National Park brand. They responsively took on our brief and delivered a fantastic look and feel and a structure which was easy for us to take on and further develop ourselves. We'd massively recommend them.

- Dominic Hall, National Park City Glasgow

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