The Task

Logos Logistics are a world class trusted partner for complex move management projects. Whether moving premises or upgrading, Logos specialise in logistical planning and execution, from one-off machine moves to entire factory relocations. Working across a variety of industries, each project requires stringent planning in freight, packing, and storage. 

New branding was required which could showcase the strength and trustworthiness of the services Logos provide, but show a customer-facing simplicity on the surface of what is a complex process of planning and execution carried out by Logos daily. This would mirror the service expectation that the involvement of the client would be simple, regardless of the project size.


Logos Logistics


Brand Identity

Promotional Material

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Brand Application

While the tenets of branding can seem rigid, the fluid assignation of elements bring together an entire personality and presence of a brand. A logo should lend itself to the purpose or industry of a company, but also provide some psychological or subconscious emotives about the service. Logos Logistics wanted to convey a simple message that could intimate the moving parts their service focuses on. The brand itself would be required on a number of corporate-identifiable elements for staff, including hard hats and lanyards alongside other marketing materials, therefore the brand required strength of colour and tone to move across a variety of platforms.

The Brand

Logos Logistics were looking for a type based “wordmark” logo to be clearly identifiable. The business tagline is ‘Machine moves, Made Simple’, and this ethos should be prevalent even when not written alongside the brand. The brand design team at Mucky Puddle used an abstract representation of lifting the 2nd ‘O’ in the name to introduce the idea of moving parts. The font choice and shape was chosen to be bold however the positioning lends to the ideas of freedom and fluidity, particularly when it comes to secondary brand elements such as patterns, photography overlays, typography, treatment etc. 

Overall, the logo design Mucky Puddle fashioned provided the key requirements of simplicity in design, assurance and trustworthiness, concision, and service introduction.

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