The Task

Hulley & Kirkwood is a multi-award winning practice dealing exclusively in the design of mechanical and electrical engineering services in buildings.

They are one of the largest and strongest specialist independent M&E practices in the UK. With over sixty years experience, they have firmly established themselves as one of the best, dedicating the same attention to detail, no matter how large or small the project. Their primary aim is to always provide a high quality professional service in support of their clients and professional colleagues.

Our task was to refine and expand the Hulley & Kirkwood branding while remaining consistent across all brand elements in both web and print formats.


Hulley & Kirkwood


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The Logo

Our primary objective in the logo redesign was refinement, not radical transformation. We aimed to retain the core essence of the original while enhancing its visual appeal. Throughout the project's evolution, we examined various iterations of the logo mark and we arrived at a clean and polished version that remained faithful to the initial design.

To achieve this, we embarked on a process of delicate refinement. The logo mark was meticulously redrawn within a precise 30x50 grid layout, allowing us to address visual inconsistencies such as spacing, alignment, and angle discrepancies. Additionally, we introduced slight rounding to the corners which not only softened its appearance but also improved the seamless connection between the letters 'H' and 'K.' In essence, our approach centered on the preservation of the logo's core identity while enhancing its overall aesthetics and coherence.

Brand Elements

In our endeavour to revitalise the brand's visual identity, consistency was paramount. We sought to establish a cohesive visual language that would resonate across all brand elements, encompassing colours and typography. To achieve this, we made deliberate choices in selecting fonts and colours that would convey the brand's essence effectively.

For the logotype, we opted for Manrope, a font renowned for its robust and focused personality. This choice was driven by the font's ability to project strength and clarity, aligning seamlessly with the brand's values. Expanding our colour palette, we introduced a light grey and a deep blue that harmonised with the vibrant Hulley blue, offering versatility and depth to the brand's visual appeal.

Visual Language

A highlight of our visual language was the incorporation of a monoline pattern derived from distinct shapes within the logo mark. This pattern served as a flexible and dynamic visual element, enabling its integration across various print and web materials. In essence, our approach to the visual language was founded on the idea of unity and consistency, ensuring that the brand's identity would be recognisable and resonant across all touchpoints.

We were delighted with the excellent design work which had been developed from our Brand Review with Mucky Puddle. We now have a suite of designs which look great and compliment our refreshed Logo and new Website. The creativity and turnaround on these designs has been great.

- Julie Reid, Hulley & Kirkwood


Our journey to refine Hulley & Kirkwood's logo and establish a cohesive visual language yielded exceptional results. Our commitment to preserving their brand identity while elevating aesthetic appeal.

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