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The Task

In 2007, Harris Tweed Hebrides revitalised the Harris Tweed® industry by reopening a derelict mill in Shawbost, subsequently becoming a global leader in this iconic fabric. Still handwoven today using generations-old indigenous crafts passed down through the Hebridean islander community, since 1840.

In an effort to strengthen their online presence, Harris Tweed Hebrides initiated a Shopify redesign. The goal was to highlight both the retail and business-to-business (B2B) aspects of their operations, ensuring a well-rounded and engaging online experience for all users.

Central to the project was the introduction of a modern and distinctive design, carefully curated to reflect the unparalleled uniqueness of the Harris Tweed fabric itself. This approach went beyond aesthetics, aiming to create a site that mirrored the warmth, tradition, and timelessness associated with the iconic Harris Tweed brand.


Harris Tweed Hebrides

Built on

Shopify logo in black.


Brand Development

UX / UI Design

Digital Marketing

Two sheep in a field on the Isle of Harris.

Photograph by Ciara Menzies

The Harris Tweed website on a Macbook.


The redesign wasn’t just about functionality; it was about weaving together a vibrant story of Harris Tweed®

Inspired by a visit to Lewis and the Shawbost mill, our design team embarked on creating a fresh visual narrative. The goal was to effortlessly blend storytelling with product information, shaping the site to radiate authenticity and inspire purchasing behavior.

This involved introducing a warmer color palette and crafting motifs that mirrored the fabric's textures. The inclusion of Ciara Menzies' exquisite photography and Scott's stunning video from Mackenzie Films HD added the finishing touches to the aesthetic.

Mockups of the Harris Tweed Hebrides website.
The Harris Tweed hebrides colour brand guidelines.
The Harris Tweed Hebrides font and text size brand guidelines.
The Harris Tweed Hebrides font and text size brand guidelines.

Bespoke Shopify Theme

Our primary aim was to ensure that browsing the site is both enjoyable and effortless. We fine-tuned the user experience for smooth navigation, intuitive browsing, and convenient ordering.

By creating a custom theme for speed and flexibility, we incorporated most features without the necessity for numerous additional apps.

Leveraging Shopify's robust features, we further enhanced the website's efficiency by incorporating backend functionalities. This optimisation aimed to boost administrative efficiency, streamline inventory management, and elevate customer support capabilities.

A person carrying a roll of tweed.

Photograph by Ciara Menzies

The Harris Tweed mobile website on three iPhones side by side.
A product page on the Harris Tweed Hebrides website.
A product page on the Harris Tweed Hebrides website.

Data Management

In transitioning from the old to the new, the migration process demanded meticulous planning, intricate data transformation, and thorough testing to guarantee a seamless transition at launch. Handling a substantial amount of legacy products, customer information, and historical orders, our team executed a precise migration of all data.

From stock management, payments, and shipping to customer services and returns, our collaboration with Harris Tweed Hebrides involved a comprehensive understanding of their existing processes. We then designed or specified new, streamlined, and fully integrated applications to support the end-to-end process.

A person holding a piece of Harris Tweed cloth.

Photograph by Ciara Menzies

A collection page on the Harris Tweed Hebrides website.


Harris Tweed Hebrides' journey from mill revitalisation to global Harris Tweed® industry leadership showcases their commitment to tradition and innovation.

The strategic Shopify redesign streamlined operations and enhanced the customer experience, reflecting their dedication to authenticity and contemporary appeal. This transformation positions Harris Tweed Hebrides as a forward-thinking brand ready for further success in the evolving digital marketplace.

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