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The Task

Greaves Sports is one of the UK's oldest independent sports retailers, providing quality goods from Glasgow’s high street and through their online store.

We were tasked with creating a refreshed brand, rationalising business systems to improve operating efficiency and overhauling the company’s product structure before introducing a new Shopify Plus website, incorporating an in-store Shopify Point of Sale system.

At Mucky Puddle we are proud to be a full-service digital agency: Taking on a project of this scope required the full breadth and depth of our expertise with architects, creatives, developers, data engineers and marketers working together to deliver a seamless eCommerce and POS solution for Greaves and their customers.

The new website structure provides intuitive browsing by sport, team, brand or product type, making it easy for users to find, explore and purchase, whilst also delivering an excellent base for organic growth through search engine optimisation.


Greaves Sports

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Web Development

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Performance Marketing

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Shopify Plus Ecommerce

First up, our brand team sensitively refined the iconic Greaves logo to revive its appearance whilst staying true to its great history. In doing so we helped to shape and elevate the brand, making it consistent and effective on offline material and across digital channels.

Our project architects analysed Greaves’ huge range of brands, sports and product types, assessed the relative search volumes and worked closely with the Greaves team to plan the website structure.

The new website is built on Shopify Plus using the incredibly flexible Shopify Online Store 2.0 framework. Both of these push the envelope, providing a powerful and scalable eCommerce solution for the project.

Inside of Greaves Sports.
The Greaves Sports mobile website on an iphone.
The top half of the Greaves Sports website.
The top half of the Greaves Sports website.

Migrating Old Data To New Formats

On the journey from old to new, the system migration required detailed planning, complex data transformation, and extensive testing to ensure a flawless change-over at launch. With the sheer volume of legacy products, customer details and historical orders involved, our team meticulously migrated all the existing data to Shopify ready for final refinement within Shopify.

From stock management, through carbon off-setting, payments, finance options, and shipping, to customer services and returns - our team worked with Greaves to understand their current processes, and design or specify new, smoother and fully integrated applications to support the end-to-end process.

When we hit a requirement for a sizing widget to allow users to provide detailed sizing reviews, and therefore reduce the volume of returns, there was not a good off-the-shelf Shopify solution. Our development team crafted a custom app to the client's specifications to overcome this.

Shopify POS Pro

As well as a new site, we set out to modernise the Point of Sale system at the Greaves department store in Glasgow; With the introduction of the Shopify POS Pro App installed upon a suite of modern devices. Traditional checkouts are a thing of the past!

Using the latest off-the-shelf hardware, including iPads, card readers, and barcode scanners, Greaves are now able to leverage the flexibility and portability of their till solution, around the store and even whilst out and about at special events. All the devices feed back into the Shopify admin, keeping customer account data and orders beautifully in sync with the online store, and reporting accurate inventory levels in real-time.

With each new set-up and process, comes a learning experience. The team at Greaves Sports completed our POS training and adapted quickly to the new system. This allowed them to realise the full potential of Shopify POS Pro and do things so much more efficiently than was possible before.

Shopify Point of Sale on an ipad.
Shopify Point of Sale on an iPhone.

Performance Marketing

With an entirely new site comes a great new marketing opportunity. Our digital marketing experts have been involved from the very start of the project, designing journeys, features and landing page layouts to ensure that the new site provides a truly transformational opportunity across SEO, PPC, Social, Email and Affiliate marketing channels.

We rolled out a fresh SEO strategy for the new website, building on existing organic positions and identifying and beginning to exploit short, medium and long term opportunities. To support organic performance and boost visibility and traffic, we created new and more effective Google Ads campaigns, helping to showcase the online store across search engine results and driving valuable traffic to the site.

We’ve also segmented Greaves’ substantial email marketing list to enable us to deliver bespoke campaigns by user interest, and implemented targeted, automated email marketing. To further increase conversion and lifetime customer value, we’ve launched a new customer loyalty scheme in-store and online.

The Greaves sports website on an iphone.
Lots of sportswear images in a square grid.

Greaves Gold

Greaves wanted to take their customer’s loyalty to the next step. With sportswear being a product range that’s trending all year round, we knew Greaves’ customers would benefit from a loyalty system. Our digital marketing team collaborated with Greaves to create ‘Greaves Gold’ - a loyalty system that allows customers to earn points for every purchase they make and turn those points into vouchers to put towards future purchases.

It is more than just a reward points app, this project also involved a dedicated landing page, new panels to encourage new users to sign up and a specially designed account page for account details. The page allowed users to see their current points and discover other ways to earn points. This also incorporated a dedicated website colour scheme for Greaves Gold users when logged into the store.

Our digital marketing team created a fully integrated and responsive communication flow via Klaviyo that helped users get the most out of their rewards points, a welcome flow for new user sign-ups, a points balance update flow, a voucher reminder and tailored messaging for Greaves Gold members. Since the launch of Greaves Gold, we have seen an increase in conversion rate, returning user rate and returning user revenue.

Greaves Gold loyalty programme logo.
A customised website page for Greaves sports.
A customised website page for Greaves sports.

An Ongoing Relationship

We’re working as an extension of Greaves’ in-house team to continually assess the relative opportunities and returns on investment across digital channels and campaigns, maximising traffic, conversion rates, revenue and margins both in-store and online.

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