The Task

Cotenda is a pioneer in developing technologies for enhancing health and community wellbeing, has garnered acclaim for its innovative swimming pool accessibility products.

The company's commitment to inclusivity and high-quality design was solidified through a significant partnership with the 2012 London Olympics, leading to international recognition.

Our mission revolved around shaping Cotenda's brand identity for their swimming pool accessibility products, employing our creative design process and strategic planning to uphold accessibility as a core value and generate a big impact.




Brand Identity

Brand Guidelines

Print Material

Web Development

The Logo

Cotenda’s brand identity was crafted to reflect its commitment to innovation and inclusivity. The initial emphasis on a contemporary mark logo aimed at seamless integration with various sub-brands. The design underwent a transformative process, adopting a clean geometric style infused with organic elements.

The brand's logotype evolved from a font, undergoing significant revisions to emerge as a distinct symbol. Inspired by the organic shapes inherent in Cotenda’s products, particularly the Poolpod, the incorporation of a sweeping 'C' shape paid homage to its origins. This motif was extended across various visuals, imparting dynamic motion to relevant materials.

Colour Palette

Strategic planning helped guide the selection of a lively yet harmonious color scheme. The dominant red, accompanied by subtle hints of pink, injected the brand with an emotive resonance. To maintain equilibrium amidst this vibrancy, neutral shades such as dark and light grey were introduced, ensuring a seamless and balanced integration of colours.

Sub Brands

Each of Cotenda’s groundbreaking products received its own distinct sub-brand, featuring the core Cotenda mark alongside the product name. Given the prevalence of 3D models in digital and print materials, meticulous attention was devoted to seamless integration of brand elements with the product visuals, reinforcing brand recognition and product association.


Cotenda’s brand case exemplifies a holistic approach to brand development, marrying innovation, inclusivity, and design excellence. The evolution of its identity, coupled with a purposeful visual language, has not only addressed specific challenges but also positioned the brand as a trailblazer in improving accessibility and wellbeing for communities worldwide.

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