The Task

Garnock Connections, led by the RSPB, is a Landscape Partnership Scheme driven by the mission to uncover the natural and historical richness of the River Garnock landscape, connecting historical narratives with a collective vision for the future. They aim to restore degraded areas, fortifying biodiversity against environmental changes while engaging communities in heritage-centric activities to foster a shared commitment to preserve this precious landscape legacy.

Our mission involved creating a unique and inspiring logo along with a complementary color scheme that embodied the essence of Garnock Connections. Additionally, we were entrusted with developing a toolkit empowering their team and the community to produce their own promotional materials.


Garnock Connections


Brand Identity

Brand Guidelines

Web Development

The Logo

The logo needed to reflect the partnership's values and aspirations. After exploring various concepts and styles, we created a unique monogram with a natural colour palette and a rounded font. The mark, comprising the letters 'G' and 'C,' represents the flowing River Garnock merging into a leaf motif, symbolising connectivity and environmental preservation.

Brand Elements

The primary color scheme revolves around carefully chosen green hues, forming the foundation, while a hint of blue mirrors the Garnock River's tranquil flow, establishing a visual link to the landscape.

Complementing the palette, a topographical pattern was introduced as a distinctive visual motif, adding depth and honouring the area's geographical features, enriching the overall visual narrative.


The brand design for Garnock Connections has successfully encapsulated the partnership's essence. Through cohesive branding, the initiative has amplified its message, connecting communities and stakeholders to preserve and champion the heritage and environmental wealth of the River Garnock landscape.

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