The Task

We were approached by the Royal College of GPs and NHS Wales to commission an online health resource, to help people who are thinking about choices in healthcare.

By working with patients and teams (such as clinical, operational, data, informatics and finance) from across the healthcare system in Wales, and collaborating with industry and third sector, Our Health Our Knowledge are delivering the outcomes that matter to people with the resources available to them.

By 2025, they will support the Health and Social Care workforce to practice Realistic Medicine, thereby enabling the delivery of high quality and personalised care to the people of Scotland.

The resource provides a short web course designed to help people who are thinking about choices in healthcare. Patients are expected to be offered choices in treatment, but it can be hard in the confines of a short appointment. Both professionals and patients often find this difficult! The course helps the patient resolve some of these concerns.


Our Health Our Knowledge

Built on

Storyblok logo black.


Web Development

UX / UI Design

Visual Identity


Navigation Architecture

Mucky Puddle was on hand to help the RCGP team realise their project ambitions. We began by reviewing all of the course content and devised a logical navigation structure to allow users to explore the content both sequentially (course format) or in an ad-hoc (resource format) fashion. The wireframes followed, mapping out all of the content into blocks.


Next up, the design team went to work on the brief to craft a clean, friendly and accessible aesthetic for the website. Conducting a series of mood lock-ups, we filtered down the options to something that got the unanimous thumbs up from the RCGP group. We also worked up a series of illustrations to sit alongside the topic content, bringing the sections to life.

Building on Storyblok’s class-leading headless CMS, we were able to construct an ultra-fast, responsive website that is also easy for admins to manage content in both English and Welsh.

Feedback Questionnaire

Finally, the site serves up a questionnaire which allows for the qualitative assessment of the course material, incorporating Google Analytics, to help the RCGP improve the resource over time.

After a series of internal and user acceptance tests, the site was ready to go live and help people make better decisions about their health.

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