Meet The Team

Exceptional results require a remarkable team. A diverse, fun, and engaging team.

The Mucky Puddle team viewing a presentation.

About Us

We believe in a strong life-work balance, where creativity and inspiration meet hard work and dedication. Successful projects and lasting client relationships can only be built on a rock-solid foundation. Meet the unique team behind Mucky Puddle.

Your Digital Partner

Our ongoing client relationships are key to our business, and these only exist because of our dedication to our clients’ success. We’re more than just an agency – our role is to be there whenever you need us, creating positive change in your business. 

Ready To Talk

Whether you just need a quick phone call to answer a couple of questions, or a full review of how initiatives in action are progressing, there’ll always be a member of our team that can take your call and step you through the big and the small.

Results Are Everything

Ultimately your investment in us and our services has to be reflected with significant wins for your organisation. We get this, and it’s at the heart of all that we do. 

Seamus Kyne, developer at Mucky Puddle.
Seamus Kyne
Tom Tomczak - developer at Mucky Puddle.
Tom Tomczak
Digital Marketing Consultant
Emily Winthrop
Craig Miller - Managing Director of Mucky Puddle.
Managing Director
Craig Miller
David Hutchison, Digital Marketing Consultant at Mucky Puddle.
Digital Marketing Lead
David Hutchison
Graphic Designer
Bjarki Snorrason
Katy Steen - Digital Marketing Director of Mucky Puddle.
Digital Marketing Director
Katy Steen
Iain Chantler, developer at Mucky Puddle.
Iain Chantler
Willy Stewart, digital marketing executive at Mucky Puddle.
Digital Marketing Manager
Willy Stewart
Paul Holmes - Technical Director of Mucky Puddle.
Technical Director
Paul Holmes
Nick Chatzis, developer at Mucky Puddle.
Nick Chatzis
Angel Harnish, Project Manager at Mucky Puddle.
Project Manager
Angel Harnish
Digital Marketing Consultant
Ailish Hamilton


Let's work together

Meeting new people, getting to know them, and working together on solutions is one of the best parts of our job.