The Task

Inspirited is the personalised alcohol gin making experience. With thousands of potential combinations, you pick the ingredients and they bring it together - share an experience or memory through tastes & smells in a unique and personal way with their bespoke gin.

Inspirited Gin was developed by a family of gin lovers who used their engineering knowledge to create a unique distillation system, crafting delicious gin, made to order. Although all gin enthusiasts have one love in common, how people enjoy their gin is unique from person to person. With this in mind, Inspirited developed their customisable gin experience.

People have been making gin for almost a millennium, but Inspirited has still managed to develop an innovative new approach to gin creation. This creative process required an equally inventive brand and website - that's where Mucky Puddle came in.


Inspirited Gin

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Brand Identity

The Brand

Although the minds behind Inspirited had the concept, they didn't yet have the brand and approached Mucky Puddle for help. From the logo to packaging design and the website, our team developed a brand that reflected the business objective, creating a consistent style across every aspect of the company.

The designers at Mucky Puddle understood the importance of the bottle design. We needed to find a balance between the traditional nature of gin and the trendy modern renaissance it has had in recent years. We settled on a relatively minimalist bottle with an abstract printed design.

The Website

The entire premise of Inspirited was a modern innovative take that challenged the norms of a long-established product. Our team decided that the same approach was going to be critical. We wanted to provide a smooth and fun experience that reflected the brand's approach to the traditional spirit.

We built an e-commerce site on Shopify, which allowed us to install a range of apps to facilitate the current needs of Inspirited along with projected growth. Simultaneously, it also allows for in-depth tailored design work and customisable features to create a site that achieved exceptional functionality without sacrificing the striking brand individuality.

Create Your Own Gin

When it came to the customer experience of picking ingredients for their own unique gin, we wanted to develop a system from the ground up which mirrored and built upon how special and unique the process really is. We needed to find a way to add a sense of discovery on top of functionality.  

We created a web app that employs a separate video clip to represent the addition of each of the 35 available botanicals to the customer's flavour profile. With the simple click of a button, a hand will seamlessly appear and place the relevant ingredient into the vessel.

This process required custom coding and 35 separate pieces of video which were consistent with each other. The Mucky Puddle team arranged all of this, adding that special memorable layer of indulgence to the purchasing experience which the luxurious final product deserves.

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