The Task

It is always exciting when a unique and forward-thinking brand approaches us for help, but it is even better when we know the challenge will put all of our skills to work. By working with Brewgooder, we got all of that and more.

Brewgooder has two goals. They want to brew the best beer possible while making the world a better place. For every delicious beer you buy from them, they will provide clean water to vulnerable communities across the world. What sets this brand apart is that this is not just a marketing gimmick – making a difference is as core to the Brewgooder brand as the delicious craft beer they produce.

They were also awarded 'Best for the World' by B Lab, joining brands that include Patagonia and TOMS as one of the highest rated B-Corp brands in the world.



Built on

Shopify logo in black.


Web Development

UX / UI Design

Web App

Brewgooder Website

Building a new website was one step in a company-wide rebrand. To make sure they could enjoy and facilitate high levels of growth, we needed to switch from a disjointed WordPress WooCommerce site to a tailored fit for purpose Shopify site.

The process involved developing a bespoke Shopify theme that incorporated the new brand while driving conversions through a clear focus on the products. We also included a subscribe feature on a range of products to encourage recurring revenue through repeat business.

Utilising Apps

Over and above promoting sales, we needed to articulate and emphasise the social impact that defines the Brewgooder brand. This involved a range of rich content, including infographics plus an interactive map and timeline to cement trust in the brand through clear, digestible communication.

The final challenge was to make sure Brewgooder could process the boost in sales following a period of growth. The answer was to incorporate a suite of Shopify Apps to simplify back-office processing and improve efficiency throughout the business.

Brewgooder Water App

One of the most exciting things about Brewgooder is the tangible impact each purchase has. Our next task was to build a tool that allows customers to track their contributions.

Each can has a QR code that customers can scan. This code will take them straight to a web app designed and built by Mucky Puddle which tracks exactly how much clean water has been provided to third world communities.

Our marketing team has been working closely with Brewgooder to keep customers updated with their individual impact in exciting and innovative ways whilst simultaneously building their brand. 

A Purpose-Driven Partner

Brewgooder's dedication to producing exceptional beer alongside fostering positive global impact truly struck a chord with us. We tackled the challenge of aligning their website with their brand identity and values. Our bespoke Shopify theme, subscription features, and rich content emphasised not only sales growth but also Brewgooder's commitment to social change. Together, we've not only met but surpassed the challenge, and we're proud to have played a role in helping Brewgooder achieve its wider mission.

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