The Task

Dark and edgy, KILLSTAR represents a lifestyle movement defined by its provocative ethos and unconventional concepts. Through a blend of superior design and unparalleled craftsmanship, KILLSTAR has swiftly garnered a global following among non-conformists and retailers alike. Delve into the realm of the unconventional, celebrating individuality with its bold oversized prints and avant-garde designs, complemented by an array of striking accessories.

Our mission was to craft a Shopify theme for KILLSTAR, an emblem of daring independence and a beacon of unconventional style. We aimed to create a website that not only embodies the essence of the brand but also streamlines the purchasing process, enticing users to make KILLSTAR their primary destination for unique fashion and accessories.



Built on

Shopify plus logo.


UX / UI Design

Technical Support

Speed and Scale

KILLSTAR sought to enhance its existing presence to accommodate its expanding product range. With a deep understanding of the Shopify Plus platform and extensive technical expertise, we blended customer-focused UX with efficient operational processes.

The project centred on constructing a custom theme with Shopify’s latest standards, Online Store 2.0, to guarantee peak performance and flawless functionality. We emphasised the importance of swift-loading and accessible pages while minimising unnecessary app integrations and diminishing reliance on third-party code, thus achieving a streamlined and efficient online presence.

By implementing strategies for multi-store management, we empowered KILLSTAR to expand its global reach while maintaining a cohesive brand identity and theme base across all its Shopify properties.

Mucky Puddle have provided us with the expertise to allow our commerce platform to function and grow in-line with our ever-changing business needs. First-class troubleshooting and execution of critical site issues allows us to provide a fantastic site and brand experience for our customer base.”

- Barry Cuthbertson, Head of Global Operations

An Ongoing Relationship

Leveraging our diverse talents and resources, the team at Mucky Puddle brought KILLSTAR's vision to life, and continue to deliver a digital experience that embodies the brand's ethos.

Whether you're seeking incremental improvements or a total overhaul, we're here to help propel your brand forward. Ready to elevate your online presence? Let's start the conversation.


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