A dark banner of coffee beans.
Machina Coffee Roasters logo.
The top hero slider panel of the Machina Coffee Roasters website.
A collection of products on the Machina Coffee Roasters mobile website.

The Task

Established in 2013 in Scotland’s capital city, Machina aims to help people experience better quality coffee, even at home. Explore the new Machina Coffee website, from top of the range coffee machines to a dedicated wholesale channel and lots more!

We were tasked with creating a bespoke Shopify website for Machina Coffee, designed to showcase the incredible products and equipment that they offer, whilst making it easy to navigate for both domestic and wholesale customers. 

Machina was founded when, Managing Director, Steve Glencross, decided to move on from the music industry and follow a new path. Coffee fitted the bill perfectly - less travel, but still bringing people together through a collective experience and still focusing on a creative passion that he could share with everyone.



Built on

Shopify logo in black.


Web Development

UX / UI Design

Performance Marketing

Two iPhones. One on the left showing a Machina coffee product page and another iPhone on the right showing the mobile navigation menu.
A bag of Machina coffee on a grey block beside a glass, spoon and pourer.

Shopify Online Store 2.0

Having recently rebranded, Machina Coffee were ready to showcase their new look online. We expanded their brand for online use, ensuring a great UX with visual reinforcement of the Machina Coffee brand throughout. The site design uses new Shopify Online Store 2.0 features to add interest and detail to every page. This includes carefully laid out collections, and intricate product pages with detailed product features and specifications. 

Someone exploring a coffee collection page on the Machina desktop website.
A grid of Machina coffee images.

Wholesale Channel

Using Shopify Online Store 2.0 for the new site ensured a powerful and scalable framework for the project, that could handle all aspects of the client’s growing business.

Whilst the site provides a streamlined eCommerce experience for domestic customers, it also offers a clear journey for wholesale customers, making it easy for them to understand Machina’s comprehensive product and service offering, and to access preferential pricing and tailored solutions for businesses.

The site is cohesive, bringing together all aspects of Machina’s proposition to provide a fully integrated online presence, whilst providing clear offerings for both audiences directly.

Streamlined Data & Operations

At Mucky Puddle, we specialise in offering our clients unique and intricate solutions to data management, offering improved functionality across the different areas of the business and carefully thought out automations.

Using Xero helped in synchronising the data in real-time between the different platforms, cutting down on administration and data entry. Not only are the Xero accounts kept up to date, but it also ensures an efficient way to tackle everyday problems with modern solutions. 

Another solution introduced alongside the online store was the Recharge app. This allowed us to bring Machina’s coffee subscriptions to life online. With coffees changing by the seasons, a recurring subscription is the best way to try new coffees throughout the year, and ensures users get a tailored and personalised experience online. With the integrated app, customers can easily convert a one-time purchase to a subscription, and manage their subscription preferences online, reducing admin. 

Someone in the back of a Machina coffee van taking stock of deliveries.
Three black blocks laid out artistically on 3 grey smaller blocks.

Digital Marketing

Alongside the new website launch, we have begun working with Machina to improve aspects of their online offering and digital marketing.We undertook digital advertising across Facebook and Google, utilising existing data to create sophisticated advertising campaigns, ensuring the right customers saw the best ads.

Thanks to these new campaigns, we’ve seen an increase in advertising revenue by 81%, and we continue to tweak and improve our campaigns. Our digital marketing team created an SEO strategy to improve organic listing for the newly launched website.

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