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Digital Marketing

Grow your business online, with a flexible digital marketing retainer that delivers results in the short, medium and longer term.

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Refreshingly Transparent

As your digital marketing agency, we will be totally open about what we propose doing, and why. We have a proven track record in helping our clients attract, convert and retain customers, and we'll hold ourselves accountable for delivering a return on your investment.

We can also work closely with your in-house marketing team to ensure we're all delivering as effectively as possible. Providing consultancy and training, we enable your team to take forward any aspects of the plan that make sense to deliver in-house, while we focus on more specialist or technical aspects. 

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Data Driven

We'll work with you to identify the best audiences for your products and services, and determine the most cost-effective ways to reach those audiences. We'll then develop multi-channel campaigns to engage your ideal audiences at each stage of the buying journey. Most importantly, we'll track, analyse and share in-depth data on the return on marketing and advertising spend across products, brands and platforms, to get the best bang for your buck each month.

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Stand Out

We can utilise creative, cost-effective graphic assets (yours or ours), to deliver stand out experiences across every touch-point. With a deep understanding of SEO and conversion rate optimisation best practices, we will work to rank your website as highly as possible and ensure that new and existing customers find what they need, convert and return time and time again.

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Time to Change the Channel

As a full-service digital marketing agency, our team is skilled in content development, SEO, PPC, social, email and affiliate marketing. The graphic designer and a web developer assigned to your project will also ensure that there are no design or technical barriers to what we can achieve with your marketing budget.

We provide unbiased advice on the best way to allocate time and budget across all channels and new site features, and aren't afraid to evolve plans based on performance, market conditions and business direction.

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Best Tools for the Job

As a specialist e-commerce agency we stay up to date with the latest apps and software to reduce time spent on repetitive tasks, allowing more time to focus on growth.

Common headaches include:

  • Connecting and managing product feeds for PPC and social advertising
  • Developing smart email automations to recover abandoned carts, upsell accessories, or onboard new customers
  • Integrating your ecommerce and accounting systems to manage products, pricing and inventory levels

We’ll work with you to introduce smart automations that make life easier for you, and smoother for your customers.

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There are plenty of agencies that can deliver impressive campaigns - but can’t necessarily explain the impact they have on your bottom line. We thrive on getting to know you and your business, delivering marketing that works, and analysis that proves it.

We can provide each other with new perspectives, challenge assumptions and develop better strategies and plans than your competitors.

Willy Stewart - Digital Marketing Executive

We’ve worked with Mucky Puddle for over 5 years now and couldn’t recommend them more highly. Every member of the team is professional, highly skilled and fun to work with. Mucky Puddle has helped us transform our website performance year on year, every year.

- Danny Neill, Platinum Building Chemicals


As a full service digital agency, we offer PPC advertising (including Google, Meta, Bing & more), Search engine optimisation (SEO), content creation, email marketing, CRM and affiliate marketing services. Everything your business needs to thrive in today’s market.

Our clients frequently comment on our team’s commercial acumen and technical ability. Whilst other marketing agencies may develop engaging campaigns, they may not always be clear about how those campaigns contribute to your overall business goals in terms of cash-flow management, stock turnover and profitability.  

Our marketing team have backgrounds in business consultancy, finance, and psychology alongside their digital marketing skills and are highly focussed on the commercial rationale behind the marketing. We work with you to plan digital marketing activities that take into account the operational challenges you face as your business grows, and deliver the best possible return on investment over the short, medium and long term.  

Our technical skills then set us apart when it comes to executing and reporting on campaigns. From campaign landing page design and development through content creation to tracking and attribution, every element is delivered by an expert designer, developer, data analyst or content marketeer -  you will not find our digital marketing team hashing up a webpage as you might do with some other agencies who do not have in-house designers or developers. 

Our clients have direct access to our project management tools, ensuring you can always see at a glance what we are working on.

We offer regular check-ins with all of our clients to suit your needs and your schedule, whether that is a weekly check in or a quarterly performance review. You’ll be dealing directly with the team members that do the work. 

At the end of each month, we will also send you a detailed report with the key performance metrics for each of the marketing channels we are working on for you, including source references - not just a slide deck of cherry-picked ‘highlight stats’.

With years of experience dealing with algorithm and platform changes, we don’t just react to new requirements. We  do our research in advance of new developments, and assess how they fit with our existing practices and long-term strategies to ensure we are forward-looking but not too reactionary. We then discuss the best and most efficient options with you and proceed accordingly.

Every business is different. With a wide variety of clients in sports, food & drinks, clothing, healthcare and other sectors, we deal with product seasonality, vastly different pricing structures, regulated goods and services and many more business needs. Our highly experienced team will quickly get to grips with your business’ unique challenges and opportunities and provide highly tailored marketing consultancy and campaigns.


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