Douglas Laing mobile website.

The Task

Our task was to design and build a Shopify website for Douglas Laing & Co, a proudly independent, family-owned Scotch Whisky business in its third generation. We developed a new web presence that highlights the brand, and the unique aspects of their products whilst reducing friction in the sales process, encouraging users to make the Douglas Laing & Co website their first port of call for exceptional Whisky and spirits.

With over 70 years of heritage, Douglas Laing creates Whisky that is consistently exceptional in its offering. Abiding to the philosophy of presenting Whisky as the Distiller intended, they add nothing and take nothing away from our spirit, helping Whisky lovers around the world to come as close as they possibly can to sampling a dram straight from the Cask.

Alongside their Scotch Whisky, the company has branched out into various spirits such as gin and rum, offering an even wider range of products for each taste and style.


Douglas Laing

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Shopify logo in black.


Web Development

UX / UI Design

Navigation Architecture

Shopify Web Development

Douglas Laing & Co needed an eCommerce platform that could keep up with their growth and evolving product range. Our team designed a bespoke Shopify theme to provide an improved user experience, and an excellent base from which to continually develop Douglas Laing’s online offering.

The site design blends classic touches with a modern feel and bold accents that help to showcase the iconic brands from each Whisky range. Our design team had to sensitively balance the character of each of the sub-brands whilst not overpowering the primary brand. The result was a tapering down of the primary brand motifs and build up of the sub-brand elements, from top level pages down to a product level.

The new site offers a great way to discover their entire product range, like the handy gift section which is perfect for special occasions and celebrations, including their unique Rangers FC collection for the ultimate fans!

Navigation Architecture

In order to ensure the new eCommerce website delivered an excellent user experience, it was important to optimise site navigation. We undertook a detailed data analysis to identify the types of users visiting the site and the pain points in their existing journeys before developing an optimum structure for the site.

Signposting key collections reduces the number of clicks to conversion and streamlines a typical user journey to check out. Enhancing internal page navigation enables visitors who are less sure of their choices to explore products that may interest them and develop their own on-site experience. Where customers are able to find their chosen product quickly, confirm that it fits their needs, and check out with minimal obstruction or distraction, conversion rates are positively impacted.

UX Design

Improving the overall user journey and flow meant enhanced segmentation of product pages, collections and sub-brands across the site. Each sub-brand of Douglas Laing & Co has a distinct character within the site, with easy-to-navigate panels providing an overview of each range and product offering.

This provides a much smoother transition from first discovering the brand, to understanding the product offering and continuing through to purchase your chosen product.

Showcasing A Genuine Passion

Douglas Laing's commitment to presenting Whisky as the Distiller intended, with no additives or subtractions, aligns perfectly with our goal of reducing friction in the sales process, making their website the ultimate destination for Whisky enthusiasts. It has been a privilege to support their journey of sharing exceptional Whisky with the world.

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