Clydeplan are a planning company based in Glasgow, the main role of Clydeplan is to create and maintain an up to date ‘Strategic Development Plan (SDP)’ for the Glasgow City Region. This document then becomes integral to the planning process for local authorities within the region.

Mucky Puddle were chosen as the web design agency for this project and began work rolling out the new Clydeplan branding across the entire website. Being that the main reason a user would click on Clydeplan is to view the most recent version of ‘The Plan’, we decided that this process had to be as simple as possible, placing it on the responsive home page at the centre with a button. As ‘The Plan’ was a very large document we decided to split it into 4 bitesized chunks, allowing users to access specific sections easily. In the backend we created a document manager for the admins to save time and effort when producing these pages.

About the Project

  • A full responsive website
  • Existing branding rolled out across all mediums
  • User Experience taken into consideration during design phase
  • Specific sections of The Plan split over the site for ease of access
  • Simple, clean administration area for staff to update.

What We Did

Requirements Specification

Responsive Design

Simplistic Navigation

Branding Integration

Content Management Systems (CMS)

3rd Party System Integration

Bespoke Development

The Website