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As a Shopify partner, we combine customer-focused design excellence with technical expertise to create beautiful buying experiences and streamlined operational processes. Our unrivalled Shopify platform knowledge and bespoke services can unlock the power of seamless e-commerce.

Our Clients

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15+ years working on Shopify
Certified Shopify agency
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Ongoing support
Fully based in the UK

Some of Our Projects

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From start ups to national enterprises, how our process works on Shopify

Create content intuitively and collaboratively with a visual editing experience, collaboration suite, composable components, pre-sets, publishing workflows and more.

Organise your content with the digital asset manager, folder-based structure, and a user activity dashboard that provides real-time insights into all content activity.

Integrate your Shopify site with your favourite technology framework or tech platform - from eCommerce to localisation.

Orchestrate standout digital content with fast performance, optimised omni channel publishing, and personalisation tools that deliver unique digital experiences.

Mucky Puddle have provided us with the expertise to allow our commerce platform to function and grow in-line with our ever-changing business needs. First-class troubleshooting and execution of critical site issues allows us to provide a fantastic site and brand experience for our customer base.”

- Barry Cuthbertson, Killstar Head of Global Operations

What we do

Enhance your site with our other services

Benefit from our comprehensive range of digital services. As a top-tier full-service agency, we can support every aspect of your project, from branding and marketing to web design and technical assistance. Leveraging our expertise in design, analytics, and development, we build momentum to propel your business forward.

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Digital Marketing


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What we do

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Benefit from our comprehensive range of digital services. As a top-tier full-service agency, we can support every aspect of your project, from branding and marketing to web design and technical assistance. Leveraging our expertise in design, analytics, and development, we build momentum to propel your business forward.

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The Mucky Puddle Office.


Meet our Shopify experts

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Best Tools for the Job

As a Shopify partner agency we stay up to date with the latest apps and software to reduce time spent on repetitive tasks, allowing more time to focus on growth.

Common headaches include:

  • Connecting and managing product feeds for PPC and social advertising
  • Developing smart email automations to recover abandoned carts, upsell accessories, or onboard new customers
  • Integrating your ecommerce and accounting systems to manage products, pricing and inventory levels

We’ll work with you to introduce smart automations that make life easier for you, and smoother for your customers.

Shopify Design and Build

As a Shopify partner, we create on-brand user experiences that maximise Shopify's features whilst escaping the limitations of off-the-shelf themes. We use our deep knowledge of the platform to create bespoke custom themes that are designed to grow and develop with your business.

Client Success

Our Shopify Performance Marketing programme is a rolling 6 month plan to continually improve the performance of your Shopify store and optimise your customer journeys. The programme is designed to support your team to deliver ambitious growth plans.


Shopify Related Case Studies

Interested in Shopify?

Looking for a new eCommerce site or a migration to Shopify? We'd love to hear about your project.