15th May 2024

5 Great Product Review Apps On Shopify

Written By David Hutchison

15th May 2024

Product reviews are an essential part of any Shopify store - helping to build trust and authority for any new users that browse your website. It’s also psychological as product reviews tap into two major cognitive biases: Social proof (the tendency to copy what others do when we are unsure what to do ourselves) and authority bias (the tendency to copy someone who we believe is an authority on a subject). What better authority on a subject (or in these cases - products) than someone who has actually used the product themselves?

Shopify announced that as of May 6th 2024, it would no longer support the free ‘Shopify Product Reviews’ App - and by no longer support, it means that any trace of the app, including the reviews themselves, would be removed from your website. The Shopify app store has a plethora of product review apps, but it can be hard to know which one is right for you. This is why there is no ‘best product reviews’ app as it all depends on your business needs. Want a simple app for free? Then a pricey app with lots of features is not ‘best’ for you. That being said, here’s 5 Shopify product review apps that we love.


Our go-to replacement for the free Shopify Product Reviews app

When we first heard that the Product Reviews App was being removed from websites. We set out to find an alternative and Judge.me certainly seemed the closest. Reviews can be housed in modals on product pages, product stars can be displayed below titles and when clicked, the app keeps users on the site instead of taking them to a third party home page to leave their reviews.

The best thing, of course, is that judge.me offers a lot on the free plan with the ‘Awesome plan’ only being $15 per month for some extra features including service reviews, email customisation and more. We would definitely recommend Judge.me if you are looking for a similar replacement for the free Shopify Product Reviews app.


If you want some extra features and don’t mind small monthly payments.

The Okendo pricing plan you choose will largely depend on the number of orders you get on a monthly basis. The first tier starts at $19pm for up to 200 orders and goes all the way up to $499pm for businesses that get up to 10,000 orders per month. Custom plans are also available for any businesses that get more than 10,000 orders per month.

Okendo has a few really great features that make it a great choice for many ecommerce stores. Such as questions (customers can ask questions about certain products which you can answer and display on that product page), product attributes (such as a ‘Size’ slider where customers can display if the size they purchased was quite a loose or tight fit depending what their expectation was for that size) and a referral programme for your customers. 

Klaviyo Product Reviews

For seamless integration with your email platform

Here at MP we love Klaviyo and now they have their very own product reviews add-on feature (for an additional price). Note that you must have a Klaviyo account in order to use the Klaviyo product reviews add-on as it’s exactly that - an ‘add-on’ to your existing plan. With Klaviyo product reviews you can collect reviews right in your customer emails, display them on product pages and use features like questionnaires to learn more about your customers. Your customers' answers can then be saved as 'profile properties' which you can then use to build segments and trigger flows such as offering new product recommendations.

The pricing for Klaviyo product reviews is slightly more than other apps, with the base price being an extra $25 per month (on top of your existing Klaviyo bill) for the lowest plan capped at 250 orders per month and going up to an additional $500 per month for up 10,000 monthly orders. However if a seamless integration is what you are after and your orders fit nicely into a cost effective tier, it might be worth looking into.


Another strong contender for free product reviews

Stamped can be used as either a product reviews app or a combination of product reviews and loyalty. With a free plan (capped at 50 monthly reviews) your customers can leave reviews inside their request emails (which is always a nice customer journey). It’s definitely worth exploring for those of you looking for a basic shopify reviews app with a small number of orders. The first tier begins at just $23 per month which gives you photo reviews and up to 200 monthly review requests. 

If you want stars to appear beside your products or business in Google you’ll need the ‘most popular’ business plan for $149 per month. We love review stars appearing in Google results, but $149 per month might not be in everyone’s app budget.


Full of features and rewards

On YotPo’s free plan, you can send review requests for up to 50 orders per month, but you can also receive 200 ‘credits’ during your first month to send out more reviews. Any more than this, and once the 200 are used up, you’ll need to upgrade to the $24pm tier for up to 100 monthly orders. Larger tiers are also available.

YotPo also has great features such as offering loyalty and rewards for reviews. One of which is a referral system so that customers who leave good reviews can refer their friends and get rewarded. YotPo will also get you stars on Google results and integrates with Klaviyo.

How To Get Product Reviews On Shopify

You’ll need an app of some description to get your product reviews onto your Shopify store. Be that one from our list above or one of the many other apps. Some apps can integrate with Klaviyo and some send out their own emails once customers place orders. How many emails that app can send per month and how much you can customise those emails will largely depend on the app and plan you choose.

A Quick Tip For All Product Review Apps

If you are using Klaviyo or another email platform, consider using the product reviews app of your choice to simply house product reviews on your website. You can then set up a product reviews flow in your email app, triggered by when customers place an order and simply link them (if possible) to the reviews on the product page. This can be a useful way to potentially get around the maximum order limit that some product review apps have.

However, in most cases, when that product review app sends a customer an email, and that customer leaves a review via that email, there will be a badge on the review such as ‘verified review’ or ‘verified customer’. If you use your email platform to simply link to the product review page for customers to leave reviews there, they will not have this badge.

Also, make sure to export your existing product reviews from your current app before you delete it. This means you can import these reviews into your new app so you don’t have to start from scratch.

What Can We Do For You?

We’re always looking for the best Shopify apps for our clients, be that product reviews, loyalty, referrals and more. If we can save our clients money by combining app functionality, we do, while also taking into account the effect of certain apps on website loading speed. With product reviews being a great all-round trust signal, we’ll find you the perfect apps that suit the size and needs of your business. Contact us today to get started and make the most out of your Shopify store.