17th April 2024

Google Ads Solutions: What They Are And How To Set Them Up

Written By David Hutchison

17th April 2024

Until now, Google Ads scripts have been utilised by digital marketers across the web to automate a range of processes for your Google Ad campaigns. Want to find what search terms are triggering your Performance Max Campaigns? Scripts can do it. Want reports for A/B testing Ad copy? Scripts can do it. Want to duplicate your competitors ads to see what their highest converting ads are like? Scripts can’t do that…but if you utilise Solutions and scripts of your own, you shouldn’t need this.

Google ads feeding data automatically to a spreadsheet via Google ads solutions.

What Are Google Ads Solutions?

Google Ads Solutions are Google’s internal answer to scripts. Previously, scripts could be sourced from various (reputable and safe) websites to help advertisers get some extra info out of Google ads that Google didn’t provide and to automate checks and campaign updates. Take Performance Max campaigns for example; you cannot see natively within Google the search terms that triggered your ads but scripts can get these for you and populate a spreadsheet with these terms.

The main difference between Google Ads Solutions and scripts is that Google Ads Solutions are limited to info that Google already tells you or actions that are easy to complete in Google Ads anyway. Below are a selection of Google Ads Solutions that are available:

  • Account Summary - Generates a report of the performance for your Google Ads account
  • Ad Performance - Generates a Google spreadsheet with distribution charts showing an Ad’s performance
  • Account Anomaly Detector - Sends out an email when an account’s performance stats deviate significantly
  • Link Checker - Checks that URLs in ads and keywords don’t produce any 404 etc. errors
  • Flexible Budgets - Dynamically adjusts campaign budget daily with a custom budget distribution scheme

For example, you can already see your Ads performance in the campaign view, the Solution just displays it nicely. You can see when stats deviate significantly from the norm (if you know your ad account properly), Solutions just display it nicely for you and provide real time notification. This is where scripts can be slightly more useful, there is nowhere in the Google Ads platform where you can see the search terms for a PMax campaign and the script is the only way to see them.

How Do I Set Up Google Ads Solutions?

  1. Log into your Google Ads account
  2. Navigate to ‘Tools & Settings’ in the top navigation bar
  3. Under ‘Bulk Actions’, select ‘Solutions’.
  4. Click the blue +
  5. Select your solution
  6. Name your solution whatever you like (we find the standard names to be easy to understand at a glance)
  7. Enter the email address you would like the notification or spreadsheet of results to get sent to
  8. Select the frequency (how often you would like to run this Solution)
  9. Remember to Authorise the Solution (this should appear as a yellow box at the bottom of the screen)
  10. Choose your account in the pop up window that appears
  11. Hit ‘Save’ and await your first set of results at the day and time you selected in step 8.

Can I Delete A Solution?

Yes, in your list of Solutions under ‘Actions’ click ‘Options’ beside the Solution you would like to edit. You can either ‘Run’, ‘Edit’, or ‘Remove’ your Solution.

Are Google Ads Solutions Worth It?

We don’t think there’s a downside to having extra info displayed nicely when it comes to Google Ads. You also get notifications even when you’re not in the account, meaning you can detect potential issues earlier. The worst case scenario is that you don’t act on the info it provides.

Google Ads Solutions are a convenient and easy-to-set-up way of receiving potentially valuable insights into your campaigns performance that are harder to see in the Google Ads dashboard. Is the information they provide revolutionary? Likely not, but when it comes to Google Ads, the more information you have that you can understand the better.

As a full service digital marketing agency, we’re always looking for the latest tools that can help us optimise your Google Ad campaigns. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in running campaigns for a plethora of different types of products and services, we can help take your offering to the next level.