13th September 2023

What is E.E.A.T and Can It Affect Your Google Rankings?

Written By David Hutchison

13th September 2023

Updated: 30th April 2024

E.E.A.T stands for 4 individual metrics: Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. Google uses these metrics to assess the quality of their algorithm updates as their quality raters will use these criteria to assess the standard of the new ranking content. If you demonstrate E.E.A.T, there is no guarantee that you will rank on page 1 of Google results for a given query. Google has hundreds of ranking signals that it uses to rank certain sites on Google. While E.E.A.T is not in itself a 'ranking signal' so won’t directly impact ranking, but you have a much higher chance if you focus on demonstrating each metric in your content.

A venn diagram showing how Authoritativeness, Experience and Expertise can combine to create trust.


Make sure that the content, whatever topic it may concern, demonstrates that you have experience in that topic. Think of a website that reviews the best tablet releases for that year. It’s likely that the best content will be written by those who have had first hand experience with each of the tablets and will pick out the small details that people with no experience might miss.

How Do You Demonstrate Experience?

Write about products and services that you have actually used. Are you simply listing off easily accessible info about the product that anyone can find online? Or are you going in depth about some practical elements of the product or service that you found while using it? Use images, audio or other aids to demonstrate your point.



Similarly to experience, ‘Expertise’ assesses the extent to which you demonstrate that you are an expert in that given field. Experts will be able to use jargon within their content that might give them an edge in the determined level of expertise. They may also talk about the subject matter in depth.

How Do You Demonstrate Expertise?

Are you a person in the field of what you are writing about? If you’re an accountant writing medical advice, it’s unlikely that your content will be seen as trustworthy. Stick to your niche and the expertise will shine through.



‘Authoritativeness’ considers how well you are considered as a ‘go-to’ source for the topic that you are writing about. This can be hard given that e.g. in the sports industry, there are so many websites that write about the latest sports news. However, if you stick to best practices, and demonstrate your experience and expertise, you might become a great authoritative expert for the topic in Google’s eyes.

How Do You Demonstrate Authoritativeness?

Add some references into your content from scientific journals or other reputable sources. Check that the information you are writing about is free from any easily verified factual errors. For example, to say that Apple was founded in 2022 by Tom Hanks is incorrect and very easily identified as untrue.



Google’s quality rater guidelines outline ‘Trust’ as the most important element of E.E.A.T. If users cannot trust the content on your site, not only might this misinform users, but it will harm your rankings. This could take a long time to recover. Trustworthiness is almost separate from the other elements as someone can be an expert in their field, but still write content that is not correct and therefore, not trustworthy. The article below includes links to the American Academy Of Orthopaedic Surgeons, a reputable source to back up its claims for knee pain exercises.

A Google result showcasing 10 exercises for knee pain.

How Do You Demonstrate Trustworthiness?

Have secure payment systems in place, include honest customer reviews and generally accurate information. Linking to other reputable sources is another great way to demonstrate trustworthiness as you link to outside, reputable sources that prove your point.

How E.E.A.T Can Impact Your Rankings

As mentioned above, E.E.A.T is not a ranking factor in itself, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a useful guide when writing content. As you are writing your content, consider the extent to which you demonstrate each of these factors. Do you demonstrate that you have experience in the given subject? Does the language and advice you provide demonstrate that you are an expert in the subject field? Are you an authoritative source for that topic? And does the content you are writing about have trustworthy information?

Another element that Google consistently mentions when people ask how they can rank higher is 'value'. Is your content providing anything new of value to readers? Content can hit all the right tones and points of EEAT, but could still be of low value if it doesn't add anything to content that already exists on the web. Rule of thumb, don't just think 'does this blog provide some value?', think 'does this blog provide the MOST value possible?'

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