Every Detail Matters

Projects involving interesting products with striking design have one key challenge; to make sure the product itself is featured front and centre with a clear sales path from site entry to purchase. Our website for Kaliaaer was a classic example of this method in action.

Every Detail Matters

The Task

  • Responsive Web Development
  • UX Design
  • Data Analysis

Kaliaaer is a brand specialising in goalkeeping equipment, constantly looking for innovative ways to ensure a keeper has every advantage they need to protect their net and let their team attack. Having helped Allan McGregor and Rangers to achieve an unbeaten league victory and Zander Clark to secure a historical cup double with St Johnstone in the 20/21 season, it is clear Kaliaaer are doing something right!


Kaliaaer tasked the Mucky Puddle team with building a website that reflected their commitment to innovation, showcased their product, and facilitated sales in a reliable, secure, and efficient way. As with most of our e-commerce projects, we knew a site based on Shopify was the answer.

The homepage is simple, letting the bold, individual, and distinctive designs which define the brand do the talking. The path from having a customer visit the site, picking their product, and making the purchase is as simple as possible to ensure no unnecessary obstructions jeopardise the sale.


The most striking feature of the website is the sheer amount of still imagery and video present on almost every page, from the homepage to the product pages. This was vital to showcasing the product, but not as simple a solution as it might seem on the surface.

The more media on a web page, the longer it takes to load. Without proper optimisation, slow load times will frustrate customers and encourage them to look elsewhere. However, our team used their skills and experience to find a solution using effective and targeted optimisation and compression to allow for lightning-fast load times despite extensive media.

“The guys at Mucky Puddle really know their stuff. From the first conversation to final delivery of the project (which we needed in a pretty tight timeframe) they went above and beyond the call of duty. Customer-focused, friendly, but most importantly for a digital project..... really really talented at what they do”

Kenny Arthur - Kaliaaer Director


How Can Mucky Puddle Help You?

While the striking and unique products Kaliaaer produce are a marketer’s dream, a reliable and effective e-commerce foundation is absolutely vital to ensure conversion of every potential sale. Kaliaaer and Mucky Puddle were a match made in heaven with them providing the gloves and us being the safe pair of hands!

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