The Task

Platinum Building Chemicals (PBC) are a family-owned building chemicals retailer operating from East Kilbride. We have been working with Platinum Chemicals for a number of years, and we love collaborating to push each of the digital marketing channels further every year. Platinum specialise in supplying remedial building chemicals, providing the best quality products and solutions to treat a wide range of problems in buildings including rising damp, black mould, woodworm, dry rot and much more. Platinum contacted our digital marketing agency to help advertise their products to the masses on Google and enhance their search engine optimisation.


Platinum Building Chemicals


Search Engine Optimisation

Google Advertising

Email Marketing

Organic Optimisation

With hundreds of products, collections and pages on their online store we continually make sure that every single product is optimised for Google. Utilising keyword research and an understanding of the benefits their products bring to their consumers, we work to ensure that every product, collection, blog post and page is as visible on Google as possible. With our client also having a wealth of knowledge in the industry, we work with PBC to provide trustworthy and reliable informational content that also targets Google’s growing platform of features on search result pages. The initial growth in Platinum's organic position then led to us being able to take on Google advertising.

Seasonal Advertising

Part of what makes Platinum Chemicals one of the best in their industry is their wide range of products. Any homeowner will know that the seasons bring their individual problems. Damp Proofing and condensation control in the winter and spring, woodworm control from March to September and all year round solutions such as sealants and PPE. Every year we take the individual seasons into account, creating new campaigns where necessary and monitoring product performance to push the right products at the right time. Utilising Google’s audience signals, we help display specific products to the people who need them the most. Keeping cost per clicks low and conversion rates high.

Post Purchase Email Marketing

Getting customers onto the website is just one small piece of the puzzle. Ensuring that they have the follow up support they need was crucial to ensuring customers return to Platinum Chemicals for their building needs. We developed a range of flows including product reviews, to ensure customers were satisfied with their purchase. We also created a back in stock flow, utilising product page features and email marketing lists so that customers were alerted via email as soon as the product they highlighted was available to buy again.

Having used a number of Web Design and SEO Companies in the past, none of them come close to Mucky Puddle. Their professionalism and expertise have helped our website massively by improving our position on Google. As well as having a close working relationship, we would even go as far as saying we also have a good friendship with Mucky Puddle, we can't praise them enough.

- Danny Neil, Operations Manager, Platinum Building Chemicals Ltd.

What Can Mucky Puddle Do For You?

If you’re a business that wants to push products on Google but are unsure on how to navigate the complex world of bidding strategies and ROAS targets, we can help. If you want to reach customers via email but have never delved into best deliverability practices and post purchase flows, we can help. Our expert digital marketing team is on hand to navigate these waters with you and help to move all of your KPI’s in the right direction through a transparent and holistic digital marketing retainer.

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