18th April 2023

Live Chat: The Benefits It Can Bring To Your Brand

Written By David Hutchison

18th April 2023

Updated: 16th April 2024

Integrating live chat into your website is easier than you might think. Live chat doesn’t feature on every website, but it's well worth everyone considering - especially if your potential customers don't buy products or services like yours every day.

Our own services are a good example - branding, web design and digital marketing are both fast-moving specialisms. Website visitors who have previous experience of procuring a new website often welcome the opportunity for an informal chat before they feel ready to make a more formal enquiry.

live chat on a macbook.

What Is Live Chat?

Live chat is a website feature that allows customers to instantly engage with a business. You may have seen a pop up box appearing after you've been on a website for a few moments, offering you the opportunity to chat. It works brilliantly as a digital marketing tool. You can switch it on and off to suit your working hours, or even select a system that can be managed by an external company, enabling your business to be responsive 24/7. With Artificial Intelligence now a main feature across a lot of live chat apps, you can now utilise AI to respond to your customers during out of office hours.

The Benefits Of Having Live Chat On Your Website

1. You Can Showcase Your Brand In Action

Engaging with your website visitors gives them an early opportunity to get to know you. By giving them instant, useful information in a non-intrusive way, you can demonstrate what its like to work with you, or provide reassurance that they are making the right purchase decision.

2. It Personalises Your Online Store

If you saw a customer at your physical shop or premises looking confused, or about to walk out the door you would no doubt approach them to offer your help. Live chat allows you to help visitors on your e-commerce site in the same way. Interacting at the right moment can make the difference between a customer abandoning their shopping journey, and getting the help they need to make an enquiry or purchase.

3. Live Chat Compliments The Rest Of Your Site

Live chat doesn't replace a clear menu, well-structured website or effective calls to action, but it does compliment them beautifully - being able to get an immediate answer to a query without having to call or email makes your customers' experiences that bit easier.

4. Leaving Customers With A Good Impression

According to Sweor, 88% of customers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience. If you’re a brand with a large product range or one that offers a service with a lot of moving parts, live chat gives users the opportunity to get their questions answered immediately instead of being lost or confused on your site.

Sometimes you can place an order for a customer while on live chat with them, or send them a direct link to a product they wish to buy. The customer then leaves with a great experience from your store and is more likely to return or recommend you to a friend. Even when returning a product, if a customer has had a positive experience, they may return for something else in the future.

5. Get The Edge On Your Competitors

Digital marketing is highly competitive and only likely to become more so. Having done the hard work to attract visitors to your site through organic SEO, Google ads or social media, Live Chat is actually a relatively easy way to keep them engaged and ensure they don't bounce off from your website to a competitor's.

What Can Mucky Puddle Do For You?

Our team of digital marketers and developers have years of experience integrating live chat into websites. If you'd like advice on how to integrate Live Chat into your own web design, contact us today. If you're not sufficiently convinced by live chat just yet, still get in touch with us and we’d love to talk more about your requirements.