Power doors are a garage door specialist servicing Glasgow and the surrounding area. Founded in 1996, Power Doors offer competitive pricing, quality service and expertise within the Garage Door sector.

Mucky Puddle were chosen as the digital firm to create a website for Power Doors. We took a full inventory of the digital offerings of the firm and noticed a non-unified approach to localised Power Doors websites. We then looked to reduced the clutter and unified all of the Power Doors offerings under one umbrella. We road mapped how to grow the business through the website and digital marketing activities, utilizing the scope of the Power Doors client base with localised marketing goals. We wanted to make the user experience as easy as possible, allowing the user to understand Power Doors offerings instantly, thus increasing trust and potential for conversion.

About the Project

  • A full user analysis and rationalization of existing content
  • Website wireframes & mockups
  • Responsive web development
  • Localised landing pages for Digital Marketing Integration
  • User Experience simplified.
  • Simple and clean website administration area for staff to manage courses
  • Hosting, ongoing maintenance and support

What We Did

Requirements Specification

Localised Approach

Wireframe Development

Responsive Web Development

Content Management Systems (CMS)

User Experience Simpified

Bespoke Development

The Website