Kinharvie specialise in providing  training, research, coaching and support to individuals and organisations to help them develop and realise their potential. Inspired through a history of over 40 years, Kinharvie is passionate about creating safe and welcoming spaces where people, ideas, possibilities and relationships flourish.


The Task

  • Responsive Web Development
  • Brand Refresh
  • Photograph & Video Production

Kinharvie help people realise their potential, Mucky Puddle were happy to help them reach their online potential with a brand new, stunning web design and fully responsive web development project. Our project extended to brand evolution and content creation to maximise the impact of thier new digital web platform. 

Responsive Web Development

Mucky Puddle were tasked with creating a responsive web design with a dynamic site structure and navigation that would carry a flowing user journey through information towards direct calls to action. Website architecture and structure had to impose dynamism and the overwhelming sense of creativity - Kinharvie seeks to inspire and develop and the website had to integrate all elements of web design to ensure the reader felt this throughout the journey. Using white space and a soft colour pallet to blend the background and not overwhelm the user, we could create a calm yet inspiring environment for the user to easily navigate and find the information they required. Integrating inspiring video content displaying the service Kinharvie provides in the banner header plays a prominent part in initiating the trust and creativity that are cornerstones of their business proposition. 

Brand Material

With such long and rich history, the brand had the ability to tell a story beyond it’s brand colours, iconography, or fonts, however, it felt unfinished. Taking the logo and colour scheme, we softened the colours leading into typography to create synchronicity in the messaging and convey an approachable, support orientated feel. Additional background motifs were added to push a sense of motion on web and print materials - to subliminally elevate positive movement as a key theme in the brand development. This beautiful new brand design was implemented through all of the brand materials, including business cards, letterhead, report templates, exhibition stands banners, and communications style guides.

Video Production

To truly capture what Kinharvie is all about, we created a video header that would loop, showcasing Kinharvie and it's people. The production concept was planned, storyboarded and captured by the team at Mucky Puddle in collaboration with Kinharvie. The video header was filmed over 2 days on-site at with a number of extras asked to take part to recreate a training day.

Team Photography

The core focus of what Kinharvie do is people; people are at the heart of the business, so people had to be the focus of this content creation. Photos which would seem staged or unnatural wouldn’t convey the personal approach Kinharvie give to their services, so by combining this natural photography through positioning and natural lighting, we could interlink the style of photo seamlessly with the ongoing brand development.

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