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Effective marketing means successfully competing for the attention of your target audience. Whether you are a private company or a public organisation like Discover Lanark, it is vital to apply the same general principles to meet your objective.

Discover Lanark

The Task

  • Brand Development
  • Logo Design


Discover Lanark approached us for a brand refresh. Very quickly, as we learned more about what the client was looking for, we knew that this would be an exciting project to work on. Our team could use the rich culture and history of the area to provide creative solutions to the project's challenges. 

Our project for Discover Lanark was different from most of our projects in that it was for a non-profit public organisation. However, successful marketing is successful marketing regardless of the specific client, so we applied the same tried and tested principles we know get results and tailored them for the individual task at hand.

The Logo

One of the main challenges of this logo design project was that we needed to appeal to two unrelated audiences. Rather than appealing to one primary audience, the target customer, we had to design something which appealed both to the community of Lanark and its visitors.

To achieve this, we needed to appeal to the community by evoking a sense of pride and connectedness. To attract visitors, we needed to balance this with a feeling of approachability and welcomeness.

We decided the key to this would be incorporating landmarks across Lanark. Not only does this present numerous locations the people of Lanark can take pride in, but it also plants an image of the many sites tourists and travellers can visit during their stay.

We spoke to the client and decided to showcase the Falls of Clyde, New Lanark, Lanark Festival and the town centre. We presented these iconic locations in a range of colours that avoided looking too playful while remaining warm, eyecatching, and inviting.


The key to promoting any brand or organisation is to foster a sense of consistency across all marketing channels. This allows customers and clients to easily recognise the source of the marketing and identify the related business or organisation.

We came up with a range of illustrations designed and created in our studio which could be used across the entire Lanark marketing campaign from the website, to social media, and even any printed materials. These illustrations represent Lanark as the distinctive location that it is and mirror the colour palette we developed to reflect the friendly, welcoming, and positive nature of the area itself.

It was made clear by the group the need to appeal to a wide audience, given the project's scope. On the one hand, they had to appeal to new audiences to garner vital support. On the other hand, they needed to make sure the community who forms a foundation of grass-root projects like this was not alienated.

Our solution was an abstract and eye-catching design, composed of simple shapes with a bright colour scheme. Building on past experience, we knew that this combination would let the brand stand out from the crowd and establish an identity without pigeonholing the movement to one limited demographic.

“Working with Mucky Puddle to create our new Discover Lanark brand was an excellent experience. They made what can seem a complicated and intimidating process easy, enjoyable, creative and productive. We are very happy with the outcome.”

- Antonia Pompa, Discover Lanark


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