Designing The Dale

'Design in the Dale' is made up of a cross section of NHS staff, voluntary sector organisations and service user volunteers, who are working to enhance the experience of Leverndale Hospital's in-patient community by welcoming arts into the hospital and improving the aesthetic appeal of the local environment for all.
The goal is to raise public awareness around mental health whilst reducing stigma and discrimination by welcoming members of the local community into our hospital to share their creative skills, whilst recognising the creativity of Leverndale’s in-patients and service users, and striving to promote opportunities for creative expression along with access to meaningful works of art.

Mucky Puddle were appointed to design a brand that encapsulates the values of the project whilst appealing to the wide demographic of the target audience.

From the various concepts generated, a bold and flexible design was chosen. The final mark is composed of four coloured rolling hills chosen to represent each aspect of the organisation: Art, Action, Nature and Performance, all bound by letter D to portray a sense of community.

Client: Design In The Dale

Year: 2018

Location: Glasgow

Deliverables: Logo Design, Brand toolkit

  • Logo Design DITD
  • Logo Design
  • Logo Design Choices
  • Logo Design DITD Camera
  • Logo Design Paint
  • Logo Design DITD Nature
  • Logo Design DITD Outdoor


Colour Scheme

Skye Candles colour chart



Skye Candles font selection - Trajan Pro Regular



Logo Workup
Logo Mark
Final Logo