Preparing For Market

Clear Surgical is a forward thinking Medical Device Company established to support surgeons through the design and manufacture of innovative medical devices.

They wanted a brand which would convey quality and precision to match their products. In the process, many different concepts and styles were created and discussed. The concept that stood out from the rest was the culmination of precision and focus encapsulated in a monogram mark. 

Along with the main brand, the client was keen to create sub-brands for each of the medical devices. These would sit well beside the main brand and be applied to a variety of things such as brochures and packaging. 

Client: Clear Surgical

Year: 2016

Location: Scotland

Deliverables: Company brand, Product sub-brands, Business Cards

  • Clear Surgical brand
  • Oplight logo
  • CRF Logo


Colour Scheme



Skye Candles font selection - Trajan Pro Regular



Logo Workup
Logo Mark
Final Logo