A Brand For Baird

Brand evolution within a family business can be a sensitive topic, balancing a legacy and a loyal customer base acquired by the previous generation, with ambitions of growth and business diversification. 

As companies grow and yesterday’s modern is today’s outdated, staying true to brand tone and personality can be a difficult challenge. Alex Barid approached us to help them navigate these challenges. 

A Brand For Baird

The Task

  • Branding
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Application


Alex Baird Handling required their brand to be modern and flexible to take on new and diverse markets whilst paying recognition to their company roots as a dairy farm and of a 3rd generation family business.

Keeping all of these elements in mind presented a challenge for our design team; An aggressive or sizeable shift could alienate loyal customers. The brand design team at Mucky Puddle researched the proposition, experimented with various styles before implementing a contemporary vintage mark using bold typography bound by an abstract milk crate. The original blue and red primary colour scheme were softened slightly to a more sympathetic set of tones. The established date was maintained for historical recognition. 


The brand would be required for use on all online and offline assets; from the back of a business card as a solo element, screen printed in a single colour onto the side of a milk crate, or front and centre on the website banner, the logo had to stand out.  Of particular note, the van decals required precise planning to ensure the materials would fit to the millimetre, taking into account door handles, panel creases, openings etc. It was important to establish a flexible and fluid brand to be easily transposed across a range of elements.

All of the marketing materials required for every-day business would be emblazoned with the new brand so the importance for consistent application was essential. To keep the brand on target our designers created a handy brand summary sheet and file pack with popular formats to ensure accurate reproduction every time.

"We have had nothing but a positive experience working with the guys at Mucky Puddle, we had a total rebrand of our website and it is better than we could have imagined. All of our ideas are taken on board and actioned and the communication is great! It has really taken our business to the next level. Cant recommend enough"

David Cross

Director, Alex Baird Handling


What Is A Brand?

A brand isn’t just a combination of icons, fonts, or words - it can carry personality, values, and attitudes beyond its individual components. Mucky Puddle’s team of expert brand designers specialise in encapsulating mood, emotion, and value in every brand development project and providing tailor-made results our clients love.


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