The Task

Founded in 2007 by industry expert Raymond Watts, Pegasus Training has fast built a reputation as a provider of quality training and exceptional student support both throughout their qualifications and continuing into their careers.

With courses in nutrition, gym instruction, personal training, first aid, and sports massage, Pegasus Training aim to inspire a new generation of well trained, passionate fitness professionals.

Seeking fresh development of their website to facilitate a growing service and promote an evolving course list, Pegasus approached Mucky Puddle to move forward their vision for the next generation of fitness professionals. In order to bring the website to the next level, Mucky Puddle were also commissioned for photography and video production work to ensure the content level on the website matched the exacting standards Pegasus ensure when providing their training. 


Pegasus Training

Built on

Joomla logo.


Web Development

Photography & Video Production

UX / UI Design

Responsive Web Development

The process began by understanding both Pegasus' goals for what the website would achieve, and also the objectives and process expected by a customer at the other end. By carefully planning how the website would operate and interact, our design and development teams worked closely to manufacture an architecture and process flow that would ensure the best user experience in bringing the customer to what they required efficiently.

Beautiful design without function can have a very quick expiry, so marrying the clean and concise layout with smooth flow and transition to efficient user goal completion was a key priority.

Photography & Video Production

Ensuring the values and personality of Pegasus came across strongly was just as important as the functional and efficient UX implementation.

With the strong business traits of ongoing support and depth of training, it was important to create fresh content based on the team and how they worked to help convey the important ethos of phenomenal service level. Imagery and content had to show more than just training, it had to show the engagement and passion to match the brand ethos Pegasus put across in words.

Mucky Puddle's highly trained and passionate design team were only too happy to plan out and execute a content development plan which both generated the right aura of Pegasus' service, without being obstructive to the operation.

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