March 05 2018

The online shopping market is growing at a remarkable rate; approximately 87% of U.K consumers have bought at least one product online in the last 12 months. There has never been a better time to get your online shop up and running, capitalising on the increase in e-commerce.

At Mucky Puddle, Shopify is our e-commerce platform of choice. Below are 10 reasons to choose  Shopify for your business.


1. Payment Gateways

A payment gateway is a software application, which creates a conduit between your Shopify store and the bank that authorises your customers’ credit card payments. Shopify supports a large number of different payment gateways includingWorldpay, Sagepay, and Paypal to name but a few.


2. In-Depth Reporting

Built into the Shopify ecommerce platform are a number of extensive and powerful reporting and analytical tools, which allow businesses to understand customers’and their journeys better. Metrics such as Repeat Customer Rate, Average Order Value and Online Store Conversion Rate allow store owners to better understand how their online shop is performing.


3. Apps

The Shopify App Store is full of useful new functionality that you can apply to your shop. With over 1,500 app's to choose from, whatever you want to do will likely be in the app store, from loyalty programmes to label printing. This can reduce your online shop set-up costs considerably as there is less custom programming required.


4. Abandoned Cart Email

One of the biggest challenges with online retail is ensuring a purchase is completed. With Shopify, there is a built-in feature allowing you to give a consumer a little 'nudge' if they have created a basket but not completed it. This 'nudge' is done via an email reminder, for which the retailer can set the parameters.


5. Mobile Ready

With the advances in mobile technology, having a mobile ready website is essential.  All Shopify themes are responsive, allowing for a consistent customer experience across devices. Being fully responsive also improves your Google Search Rankings, in turn, increasing potential visits to your site.


6. Easy To Manage SEO

Ensuring your website ranks highly on search engines is a top priority for modern marketeers. With Shopify, there is an easy to use editor that allows you to directly edit SEO elements on your store, from product pages to collections. With this editor, you can set Page Titles, Metadata & URL's/Handles.


7. SSL Security Built In

Running an online store means you will be handling sensitive user data including credit card details. With Shopify, SSL security is automatically built in, ensuring your clients’ data is secured over an encrypted connection.


8. 24/7 Customer Support

Shopify boasts unrivaled customer support, with a dedicated 24/7 phone, email and online chat function, regardless of your subscription level. This is critical to an online business as it ensures minimal downtime if your website malfunctions.


9. Shopify POS

For businesses that are more than just an online store, Shopify has created Shopify POS, allowing companies to expand by accepting payments in person with a contactless-enabled card reader that can be linked with a tablet to create a fully fledged point-of-sale system.


10. Thousands Of Themes

With thousands of Shopify themes available to users at the click of a button, this out-of-the-box solution allows users to have choice, meaning they aren't stuck with a generic theme. 

What can Mucky Puddle do for you?

At Mucky Puddle we offer Shopify Expert Set-Up and Shopify Bespoke Projects. 

Our Shopify Expert Set-Up setup starts with a theme of your choosing. We'l thenl work alongside you, offering advice and support, configuring your store to get it ready for prime-time. 

A Shopify Bespoke Project involves designing a custom theme that compliments your brand, allowing for complex product offerings, all built to your precise requirements.
You can also benefit from all of our broader ‘non-Shopify’ services. We have a highly experienced team, skilled in all aspects of web design & digital marketing so whether you need a new brand or logo design for your Shopify store, some photography or videography to better showcase your products, or ongoing digital marketing activity to drive the best traffic to your online shop, we can work with you to provide a package that suits your needs. 

We’ll really get to know you and your business, saving you time compared to dealing with different providers, and delivering a more cohesive ecommerce solution for you and for your customers.