December 22 2017

With platforms such as Facebook and Google constantly modifying algorithms, it is the perfect time of year to take stock of the current changes and look to the future to ensure your website is fully search engine optimised and ranking to its best potential.


Engagement bait

Our Facebook feeds used to be a place for informative updates from friends and businesses, now they are a wash with “vote using reactions” or comment, tag and share style posts. These ‘engagement bait’ posts are everywhere, but not for much longer. Facebook is changing its algorithms to ensure these posts will see a significant drop in reach, ensuring they don’t clutter users feeds. Facebook have also made it clear that posts such as asking for advice, raising money for good causes or promoting awareness for missing children etc will not be affected by this algorithm update.

Low Ranking & Slow Loading Sites

Taking a leaf out of Google’s book, Facebook are looking at Site Rank in an effort to ensure that only good quality links are shared on the platform. Facebook will now prioritise websites with not only a good ‘Site Rank’ but also sites with faster loading times, which is one of the key aspects of ‘Site Ranking’. Businesses should pay attention to site loading times, regardless of this new algorithm on Facebook. 40% of users abandon websites after a 3 second delay on loading, increasing your bounce rate. Also, slower sites result in poorer ranking on Google, reducing your visibility. So in 2018, not only will Google penalise slow sites, but also Facebook.


The Mini December Update

On the 12th of December, Google deployed a mini update to its SERP algorithm, which has seen a number of websites hit by a reduction in search rank. Search Engine Roundtable has found that ‘the biggest bulk of sites hit all had tons of landing pages and target a massive array of keyword permutations.” The best example is of a service based website, they would create a landing page for a campaign and link it to a number of keywords - [Service A] + [Location] and then [Service B] + [Location]. This ties into the recent chatter about ‘Doorway Pages’.

Doorway Pages

Google have begun focusing, again, on Doorway pages. Doorway Pages are essentially a number of location pages on a site, serving one single business. This idea that you have a large collection of pages that are duplicates but firing off slightly different keywords, thus ‘spam-dexing’ your site. Going forward into 2018, this strategy will put your ranking at risk, if this is a tactic you currently utilise on your site it is worth removing or rethinking your strategy.

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