December 07 2017

Viral content constantly creates discussion in the Mucky Puddle office, The Skipping Pylon that's been appearing online in recent days is now a part of the Illusions Index - one of our recently launched projects.

The Illusion Index is an open-access illusion resource, intended for use by both the general public and by researchers. Funded by The University Of Glasgow Centre for the Study of Perceptual Experience, the School of Humanities, and the College of Arts at the University of Glasgow, the Index is filled with wonderful, brain-busting illusions. After a debate during our morning coffee, the team have come up with a list of our 5 favourite illusions featured on The Illusions Index.

5. Swimming Pool On The High Street


This style of 'street art' meets 'illusion' is becoming more and more common. This image of a man climbing down into a ‘swimming pool’ upon first glance looks authentic, however upon further inspection you realise - this man is just couching on a street, standing on a painting.

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4. The Penrose Stairs


Mentioned in the equally mind-boggling Hollywood movie Inception, The Penrose Stairs are a set of steps that appear to be continuous. Tracing your eyes along the stairs, looking for an end, would never ending!

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3. Hermann Grid


This classic illusion was found by German physiologist Ludimar Hermann. This illusion gives the perception of circles or smudges at the end of each rows, but when you try to focus on them, they disappear!

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2. Rotating Snakes


This one is a mind boggler, the more you study the image, the more it moves. If you move your eyes over these stationary circles, your brain will be tricked into seeing motion and these ‘snakes’ will begin to spin, some clockwise some anti-clockwise.

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1. The Skipping Pylons


The illusion that recently went viral, The Skipping Pylons. Created by Twitter user IamHappyToast, this gif has had people reporting they can hear the noise of the pylon hitting the ground. Do you hear it?

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