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November 02 2017

From the lecture hall to facing clients

In May of 2017, I finally finished studying, I had been studying Marketing & Digital Marketing for over 4 years in Glasgow and the big world of business awaited. I had held down jobs while studying, at multiple creative and digital agencies in Glasgow, learning and developing my skills in digital and social media marketing, but all of those were internships. It was now time to get a secure job in the field to not only further my skills but to show what I can do! It was a pretty daunting task!

The Agency

In August of 2017, I was browsing digital marketing agencies in Glasgow, looking to see of any potential job openings within the social or digital sector, and I came across the Mucky Puddle website. The first thing that caught my attention was the web design. It really stood out as a lot of current websites all follow the same trend, it was nice to see a different style of website that really sold the fact that Mucky Puddle are experienced web designers. While browsing the site the Live Chat button popped up and I was straight into a conversation with Craig the managing director, we spoke about graduate jobs, employment, the digital marketing sector and what it’s like to work at a digital agency surrounded by web designers.

The Interview

No university course, module or assessment can prepare you for the interview, that nerve-racking situation where you sit frozen with fear trying to sell yourself to potential future employers. Luckily, with this interview, I was made to feel relaxed very quickly by the team. I spoke at lengths about my strengths - SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Content Creation. I believe I carried myself well in the interview setting and I was offered a role a week later, not bad for catching Craig on the online chat function.

The Job

Walking into the job I had a fair idea of what Mucky Puddle specialised in - Web development, web design, digital marketing, branding and app development. It wasn’t until turning up on that first day that I got to see first hand, the scope of exactly what Mucky Puddle do. Web design is just the tip of the iceberg, underneath the surface are a number of different processes that help further clients online presence.

These behind the scene’s processes range from responsive design, SEO, keyword research and web analytics. It didn’t take long until I was integrated into the team and these new processes were being shown and explained to me. I had done a fair bit of SEO in the past, but never Keyword Analysis. Understanding these new approaches in regards to Digital Marketing was definitely a learning curve, it’s one thing to read about it in a textbook but another to have it presented to you in a Digital Agency setting and have to understand and action them.

Having now, almost, completed my first month at Mucky Puddle it's been a real eye-opener into the real life, day to day goings on at a digital agency in Glasgow. University can only really teach you the theory of marketing and digital marketing, it's up to you to figure out exactly how to apply these practices to business situations.

Socrates said it best - “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing”.