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October 23 2017

Email Marketing is alive and well! Reach your maximum audience.

Some, within the business world see E-mail marketing as a dying strand of digital marketing, much like the fax machine and the mobile phone with an aerial, this idea that email marketing is dead is as ridiculous as the pager!

Email marketing is alive and well and in part, it is thanks to the advancements in technology, specifically the smartphone. Now, consumers are checking emails more and more, especially on the go! Consumers can now check emails before they even reach their desk.

Email Marketing is an integral part of the digital marketing mix, it's the ability to keep consumers informed, educate them and then funnel them to your website. It is a direct link between business and consumer.

Why Email Is Still Relevant

Thanks to the abundance of digital devices, consumers are checking emails a lot more frequently than before, in most cases, a minimum of once a day! Users care about email, they care about who it’s coming from. There is no time like the present to capture the attention of that audience!

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has been stated as saying “Email Marketing has a Return On Investment (ROI) of 3800%” (DMA, 2015) this is a huge number, couple that with Data from Campaign Monitor “For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI” this shows that Email Marketing is still a viable money maker for businesses.


Automation is a relatively new concept allowing businesses to effortlessly contact consumers and use ‘coding’ to market and remarket products and services. The ability to send communication, then depending on how the user interacts with it, change the next step on the automation trail is a valuable way of communicating with consumers.

For example, a user opts in to your email communication after purchasing a product with you, you then send the customer a thank you email with a link to leave a review of the product, you set - via automation, that if the user clicks on the link to leave a review you then send a thank you email and close the line, placing the user in an email list of purchased/reviewed users so you can look to remarket in the future. However, if this user doesn’t click on the initial review link you can then send the user down a different automation path, sending a reminder email a few days later asking to review, if the user doesn’t click on this link again then you can place the user into an email list of purchased/unreviewed users. Separating strong prospects from weak ones.

This is a tactic that Amazon have utilised greatly, sending you constant reminders to review products after purchase, thus potentially increasing future purchases based off good reviews.

Best Practice

When it comes to Email Marketing a number of ‘best practices’ need to be implemented to ensure your communication doesn’t hit that dreaded ‘unopened’ metric!

The first is a good subject line. Subject line is the first thing a customer will see and determines if that email will be opened or not. A poor subject line can see your communication instantly being put in the trash, or worse… the spam folder.

Beating the Spam Filters is another big struggle when it comes to email marketing, a number of things can deem your email spam - All capital letters within the subject line or even the body of text, the image to text ratio being off or even certain keywords can flag up the spam filters.

Ensure the email feels personal, so include the recipient's name in the opening line - “Hello xxxx”, ensure the email address sending out the campaign isn’t for example - support@ admin@ or noreply@. This will ensure the recipient feels like the email is coming from a human being and not just a cog in the machine.

And you must always give clear and concise guidelines on how to opt-out/unsubscribe to your communication as it is it now UK law.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

In May of 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into play, a new EU law aimed at bringing order to privacy laws across the EU. The GDPR now requires consent to be clear in regards to email opt-in. The consumer must now be given full knowledge of the owner and intended use of the email address, it can’t be implied, assumed, bundled or otherwise connected with anything else except the identified purpose.

Non-compliance with the new GDPR laws can lead to fines up to €20 million or 4% of a brands total global annual turnover, which means non-compliance is not an option. Businesses and digital agencies need to read over these new laws and ensure the security of users and user data is compliant with these new regulations.

For more information on the GDPR Click here - http://www.eugdpr.org/

What can Mucky Puddle do for you?

Mucky Puddle are a digital agency specialising in web design, branding, digital marketing and app development. Email Marketing is a service we offer within our digital marketing umbrella. We can assist with the creation, design & reporting of email campaigns for clients from automated email communication to corporate updates. We can help you attract the right audience for your business.