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January 26 2022

At Mucky Puddle we are proud of every single project we commit to, and our Shopify sites are no exception. As a Shopify Partner agency, we commit to providing our customers the best service possible, whilst being conscious of the impact we create on a global scale. That’s why we work closely with Shopify, who continually work to support the environment by cutting carbon emissions, funding environmental initiatives and helping to build greener and safer sites.


Shopify’s Sustainability Fund

The Shopify Sustainability Fund was established last year and is working by funding $5 million into projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere. They also publish the results in the aims of other companies following their lead. Shopify looks into the long run and takes an active stance in helping create a low-carbon future for us all. This means spending the sustainability fund on promising and impactful technologies, creating solutions to fight climate change globally. 

As a Shopify Partner agency, this means we can rely on a platform provider that cares about sustainability and our planet, helping us build stunning and sustainable websites for all types of clients. It’s important for us all at Mucky Puddle to partner with a company that shares the same values and a fitting offering to our customers as a result.

source: shopify.co.uk


Working with Brewgooder

We have worked on some incredible projects delivering bespoke Shopify websites for our clients, like our project with Brewgooder. Partnering with Brewgooder was a perfect fit, as we were able to create a Shopify website for them that matched the company’s values. The brand strives for a better planet and promotes sustainability where possible throughout their whole business model. 

Our solution was a stunning Shopify Plus site to help communicate their mission and products to their customers even better than before, along with stunning visuals and functionality across the site. Check it out in more detail here.


Striving for Our Planet's Success

With every site we build, we strive for quality as an extension of a brand's identity. Shopify allows us to host our client sites sustainably, whilst supporting great efforts to maintain our environment and reduce carbon emissions. 

In 2018, Shopify decommissioned all of its data servers which were previously a big source of greenhouse gas emissions. The company shifted entirely to Google Cloud powering their platform, making it now carbon neutral. This is done with Google matching 100% of the energy consumed by Google Cloud with renewable energy. Removing atmospheric carbon is a crucial way to slow down the build-up of greenhouse gases and mitigate the impact it has on global warming. As a platform, Shopify has committed to investing at least $1 million into carbon sequestration each year.



We are excited to be continually working as a Shopify partner, bringing new and innovative brands to life with bespoke and sustainable websites. We can all play a part in supporting sustainability and thanks to Shopify, Mucky Puddle supports climate change initiatives globally, helping our day-to-day work make an impact.


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