May 08 2019

At Mucky Puddle we’re proud to announce the launch our latest app development, Where To Watch Birds In Scotland, a birdwatching site guide for The Scottish Ornithologists Club (SOC).

The SOC had been planning on this bird watching app for several years and decided to partner with Mucky Puddle for the development. It was a truly collaborative process with The SOC working closely with the app development team at Mucky Puddle to express ideas, requirements and desires which we then packaged together to create this bespoke app.

This app development had one key goal in mind, to make it easy and accessible to discover the best places to birdwatch across Scotland. With just a few taps, you will have a library's worth of information in your hand, not only about bird species and where to find them but also the locations and how the directions to get to them. All of this coupled with the ability to use this app offline and also to submit bird sitings makes this app a must-have for any bird enthusiast. 

  • The app was featured in the April 2019 issue of Wildlife Magazine.

  • The app was featured in the April 2019 issue of Wildlife Magazine.

It was a unanimous decision amongst the project’s working group to award the tender to Mucky Puddle. I had already worked with them on the re-design of the Club’s website so I knew the team operated in a professional, honest, fair and timely manner. Embarking on the app development project required a great deal of trust in a supplier and I particularly, as the project lead, felt confident and reassured in awarding the contract to Mucky Puddle.

Over and above their remarkable attention to detail in response to our highly detailed project brief; fair costings and the excellent references, I have especially appreciated the extra effort they have put in to ensuring the end product works and operates to perfection (at times going above and beyond the call of duty), and particularly for the non-tech expert, the firm’s Technical Director’s reassurance, support and careful explanation of  project/technical complexities in a way that we could understand, digest and therefore make an informed decision about

Jane Allison, Development Officer, The Scottish Ornithologists' Club.

The Response

Since launching the app in mid-April, The SOC has seen members of the public ‘flock’ to get the app. The SOC has also received a large amount of press and publicity with the launch of the app. Organisations such as The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), BirdTrack, Calmac Ferries & RareBirdAlertUK have come out in support of the app, calling it “A must have free app for birdwatching in Scotland.”

At Mucky Puddle we are delighted with this app development project and the response it has got since going live. There is no resource (digitally or printed) that is as up-to-date and makes bird watching this accessible to a new generation of bird watchers. It truly is the future to bird watching!

This has been a major project for the Club. We hope the app will help a new generation of wildlife lovers to enjoy exciting birds in often spectacular and beautiful places across the length and breadth of Scotland. For anyone who didn’t know where to start bird watching, this will show them the way. Even experienced birders will discover places and things they didn’t know about. It’s opening a completely new chapter in countryside access, with Scotland leading the way.

Dr Ian Bainbridge, Club President, The Scottish Ornithologists' Club

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