May 09 2019

Video Production With A Scottish Sound

The Brief

The National Piping Centre approached Mucky Puddle to develop a short video to showcase its "Come & Try The Bagpipes" sessions at The Museum of Piping. From design to delivery this particular video project had a short turn around of only 10 days.

Video Production - Come & Try
Video Production - Bagpiper
Video Production - The National Piping Centre
Video Production - Bagpiper


The Process

We began the process by spending some time with the client, understanding exactly what was required and getting to know each filming location at the National Piping Centre. We then built a strong narrative and sketched up a storyboard, focusing on a group of customers meeting the Piper, moving into the museum and finishing on a session of piping instruction. Once the narrative, storyboard and a shooting schedule were approved it was time to film!


It was very smooth from start to finish, it was a great partnership process from putting the ideas together to the filming on the day. This meant we were invested in the project and that the finished out come was what we wanted and of a really high standard. The filming itself was handled very professionally as it was working with children Under 18 and the team made it a very smooth process to get everything done efficiently and well within the time constraints.

Helen Urquhart, Marketing Officer, The National Piping Centre.


The Shoot

The weather in Glasgow was surprisingly sunny that morning which lead to some wonderful exterior shots with the bagpiper. The team at The National Piping Centre were on hand to help coordinate the customer group which led to a more authentic looking video. Once finished on the outdoor shots, we moved inside to the Museum of Piping, a much darker shooting location. Adequate lighting and placement of subjects made these shots vibrant and bright.

Video Production - The National Piping Centre
Video Production - The Piper
Video Production - The Piper in a museum
Video Production - Come and try


The finished video was a excellent visual prop to have to showcase a product that can be hard to describe! It gave potential customers a great overview of what they could expect by bringing their tour groups, in a really polished and succinct way. It definitely added to the presentations throughout the two days.

Helen Urquhart, Marketing Officer, The National Piping Centre.


The Final Product

The shoot lasted a few hours with the editing taking the best part of a day, including masking the text, titling and colour correction. The video was then compressed, ready for web, and delivered on schedule.

What Can Mucky Puddle Do For You?

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