The Scottish Ornithologists Club

Where to Watch Birds in Scotland, is an award winning mobile app for Apple and Android devices, showcasing over 500 bird watching sites in Scotland. The app was developed for the Scottish Ornithological Club to bring Scotland’s birds to a new generation of birdwatchers, nature lovers and general wildlife enthusiasts. 

The Scottish Ornithologists Club

The Task

  • App Wireframing
  • App Development
  • App Deployment (iOS & Android)

The app helps birdwatchers in Scotland quickly access information on important seabird colonies, wader and wildfowl populations as well as iconic and exciting upland species. The app’s built-in search facility tells users where particular bird species are likely to be seen as well as allowing them to tap into detailed species information from the SOC’s award-winning publication, The Birds of Scotland.  


App Development

Mucky Puddle’s development team had to begin by collating and indexing thousands of informational sources to create the evolving library of information that would become the foundation for user guidance.

Being able to link the information requests to provision quickly and efficiently is the most critical aspect of the App, to allow users to instantly and reactively engage with the birds they are watching. Unreasonable delays could lead to missed opportunities, so ensuring the functionality was efficient and reactive meant applying strict data architecture and conditional formatting for data requests into populated information. 

Once the back end was composed, developing customer objectives to enhance the full user experience had to be achieved. Research and analysis on how customers would use the App and what information and purposes they would consider were mapped out to ensure the journey from request to fulfilment was efficient and engaging. 

Operationally, the App had to be constructed to execute seamlessly regardless of the operating system with full optimisation. Mucky Puddle’s team of expert developers performed rigorous testing to refine every element of the App across a range of devices to smooth all rough edges before the App was ready for launch. 

The SOC were delighted with the end result and bringing bird watching to a new platform and user base. Being nominated for a Birder’s Choice Award is a testament to the smooth and effective functionality and above all else, excellent user experience. 

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